What To Watch: 05/05/2021

Tonight’s a great night if you love Tiffany Haddish–and does anyone not; she’s delightful. She both talks to kids and pranks people in puppet form. Speaking of things that should not talk, we lead with a documentary that argues whether David Berkowitz was the only person his neighbor’s dog egged on to murder. All that and more… well, not a lot more, but some… in What To Watch: Wednesday Edition.

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness [Netflix]
In 1977, after a murder spree gripped an already terrified city in fear, David Berkowitz was identified as the man behind the Son of Sam killings. He claimed his neighbor’s dog told him to do it and that was that. Berkowitz was the solo serial killer Son of Sam. Or was he? Investigative reporter Maury Terry devoted much of his life to trying to prove there were multiple murderers who were part of a Satanic cult (and even Berkowitz amended his confession to claim this). Was Terry correct? Watch this Netflix docu-series and decide for yourself.

Crank Yankers [Comedy, 10:30p]
What is it with me and puppets? In not ashamed to admit they make me laugh. Hence why I’m writing about the return of Crank Yankers. Honestly I figured this show would be a relic of the 2000’s, but here we are with a new season and new celebrity prank callers including Tiffany Haddish. If this show is your thing you already have this programmed into your DVR.

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
Reunion Part 2. Last week the challengers discussed Twitter beef, the Big Brother alliance and Leroy and Kam’s relationship journey. Looks like tonight we will continue to pick apart “Messy Fessy” starting with his betrayal of Nelson! 

  • PBS’ latest biology lesson comes in the form of Human: The World Within. The anthology docu-series debuts with two episodes tonight, beginning quite logically with “Birth” examining how bodies prepare to nurture creatures while in the body and ensure they will survive after they leave. Meanwhile, “Pulse” looks into our circulatory system and how our heart generates all kinds of basic activity.
  • It’s a good bet that Tiffany Haddish won’t have either the extreme right-wing views or predatory nature of her predecessors and this iteration of the classic children speaking their mind show, Kids Say The Darndest Things will still be palatable to watch in 20 years. She also promises to be less saccharine in this version on ABC, so that’s also cool.
  • The updated, spookier take on America’s most famous teen sleuth Nancy Drew is still solving crimes and tonight she faces arrest from Detective Tamura.
  • Finally, the Queen of the South is going to Germany. It’s a road trip on the USA tentpole. Oh, and the episode title is “Mas Dinero, Mas Problemas.”

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