What To Watch: 05/04/2021

Since May the third be with you would not make sense and May the fifth be with you sounds too saucy and/or decadent, it makes sense we would make gift of the fourth day of the fifth month, so enjoy these 5/4 offerings (and maybe break out the Brubeck… or Pavement).

Star Wars: The Bad Batch [Disney+]
May the 4th be with you. Happy Star Wars day everybody! To celebrate , Disney+ has dropped the first episode of this offshoot. The animated series tells the story of a ragtag group of clone troopers right after The Clone Wars, when the Empire was rising. As it turns out these clones are genetic deviants that may put them in demand by the Emperor or in his sites. An added bonus of this episode? It’s over an hour long!

Selena: The Series [Netflix]
Part two of the anticipated series returns and this time the focus will be back on Selena again. If you watched part one you learned a lot about AB’s journey of becoming a songwriter and Suzette’s drumming, most importantly, some of Selena’s 80s fashion choices. But now we’ll dig a little deeper into what went on behind the scenes as her star negan to rise and the stress she was dealing with on the brink of her crossover success. I’m here for all the fashion and music throwbacks and learning who Selena looked up to herself. 

Frontline [PBS, 10p]
Tonight’s episode “Escaping Eritrea,” “presents an unprecedented undercover investigation into one of the world’s most repressive regimes” with secretly-recorded footage and previously unseen interviews. I know ” indefinite forced conscription” isn’t how you want to unwind on a Tuesday, but this seems important. Treat yourself to a little Golden Girls after the news. And if you’d like to VOTE for it in our March+ Madness, click here 

Cruel Summer [Freeform, 9p]
Last week we learned that Jeanette is suing Kate for defamation! It is very unclear to me why she would do this, but also feels like it is maybe not her decision? We still don’t know where her mom went! The mystery continues to unfold.


  • Continuing in the holiday spirit, Disney mashes up two of its properties as the latest Maggie Simpson short (we’ve got mixed feelings, too) pairs the world’s most famous pacifier addict with BB8 for a true cuteness overload. It’s Maggie Simpson in ‘The Force Awakens From Its Nap’ and of course it’s on Disney+.
  • Perhaps the History Channel’s docu-series about alien sightings’ date of return is messing with Star Wars fans who read things way too quickly, but The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch does come back tonight for the start of its second season.
  • Ya know, the Catfish movie was unique and a clever documentary when it came out, but at this point we may be hitting deceit overload, or maybe the MTV show brings the chicanery into the light. Either way, while we’re a bit tired of Catfish: The Series, you might not be, so enjoy its return for its–33rd episode of its 8th season?!?! That’s not a thing.
  • The Real Housewives of New York City are going to Salem, apparently. That’s part of their crazy season 13 featuring the usual wine, sexual innuendoes, extravagance, and quick-to-boil disagreements. It remains on Bravo.
  • Back to MTV, we’ve got another long, long, oh so long running show from a series that feels deliberately confusing in its nomenclature. Teen Mom 2 can’t really be called a sequel or a spin-off, just sort of a whole alternate timeline for the program about young parents trying to get by.
  • While it’s a kids show, the title of Netflix’s Trash Truck seems to fit the running theme we have here at the end of this WtW and that’s all we’re gonna say about that. Thanks for reading…

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