What To Watch: 05/02/2021

The Ball has returned, darlings, for season three. Pose is back and ready to slay. Also, some superheroes, Regular-Sized Rudy, and W. Kamau Bell (will they also be walking runways). It’s Sunday TV viewin’!

Pose [FX, 10p]
And the category is…. all the feels. It’s time to say goodbye to my fave TV family waaa. I’m tearing up just watching the trailer. The third and final season picks up in 1994 where Blanca has traded the ballroom for a role as a nurse’s aide. She struggles with balancing her responsibilities as a mother and partner now to her new love. Meanwhile, Pray Tell has health issues he is confronted with. The commercialization of ballroom culture and a new upstart house force House of Evangelista to think about their legacy. Hmmm will there be one last ball? One last fierce competition? I’m really going to miss this show that not only was groundbreaking for transgender representation, but reminded us of the importance of family–the family we choose. 

DC’S Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 8p]
The team has lost one of their own. Sara has been captured. Behrand and Rory follow a lead to where she might be. Looks like the heroes are going to be tested like never before. Legends continues to be the quirky superhero show still has some tricks up its sleeve (like an animated episode).

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 9p]
Louise sets out on a perilous journey to help Rudy. Is Louise the most caring character on Bob’s Burgers? I think so. Stay tuned for my TED Talk.

United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell [CNN, 10p]
Comedian Bell has never got quite the credit he deserves for the dialogue he creates, and for his gentle but fiery delivery of the humor in the absurdity in politics and race in America. This show has quietly racked up Emmys and returns for a sixth season tonight.


  • Third year, third city, third (or fourth) “girlfriend.” On season 3 of The Girlfriend Experience, we’re in London with Iris (The Affair‘s Julia Goldani Telles) and virtual reality plays some sort of part.
  • The Equalizer takes a page out of the late Criminal Minds playbook (how many years til it gets a reboot with, say… Lindsey Lohan) as McCall has to save a client from a serial killer, tonight on CBS.
  • HBO Max Israeli import Uri and Ella tells of a widower father and his daughter and their respective searches for love after tragedy.
  • In 1996, The Late Shift chronicled the behind-the-scenes machinations that happened when Johnny Carson retired from The Tonight Show and David Letterman and Jay Leno fought to be the next in line. While that was specific and a bit exaggerated for ratings, CNN’s The Story of Late Night is more thorough and a documentary, so we see the craziness before and after.
  • The Queen of Soul is tonight’s featured musician to bio on Reelz and they go both reverent and sadly exploitative with Aretha Franklin: Story of Her Songs and Autopsy: The Last Hours of Aretha Franklin.
  • The tavern makeover show Bar Rescue moved last season to Paramount as a sort of young network renovation. The show’s eighth season remains there and debuts tonight with Jon Taffer still hosting.
  • Batwoman‘s issues continue to grow as her alter-ego Ryan is faced with an ultimatum that could mean she’s exposed as the titular superhero. Oh, the show also moves to a new night on The CW, so that is also stressful.
  • There are major undertakings afoot on HBO’s The Nevers or at least “Undertaking” is the episode title of tonight’s episode. We’re guessing it’s also a morbid pun.
  • Finishing off in the most corner of the TV universe (as we do), the LHV (or Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), we have UPtv chiming in with Just for the Summer where former couple Jason and Penelope are thrust back into each other’s lives, helped by their well-meaning, but scheming grandparents (they’re not the same grandparents, we checked). Back on the Death Star of Lifetime we have the deliciously named How I Met Your Murderer where we’re pretty sure the murderer died six years before this movie.

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