What To Watch: 04/28/2021

Now that we’re inching a little less towards a world straight out of the Margaret Atwood novel, it might be a bit more pleasant to watch A Handmaid’s Tale. It’s also a tad easier to imagine a world where sleep is a possibility. We have no particular related thought to intro our third staff pick, but it’s always fun to see people overcome obstacle courses and such.

The Handmaid’s Tale [Hulu]
The dark show returns for a fourth season and June is starting a revolution! After smuggling 100 children to freedom, June’s next mission is to lead the uprising against Gilead. The perfect Roman a clef for the Trump administration is aiming high in the post Trump world.

Headspace Guide To Sleep [Netflix]
Are partnerships with apps the future of sleeping? Netflix takes Slow TV to the next level through its Headspace partnership with guided meditation. Just because we’re vaccinated doesn’t mean the stress of this panna cotta is over, so I’ll take it! 

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
Last week we watched as CT and Amber B. went home with the gold while Kam and Cory snatched up second place. Despite coming in third, Leroy and Nany were in high spirits. I would have liked to see Leroy go home with some money! But maybe Kam will share. Tune in tonight for the reunion. Here’s hoping for plenty of air time devoted to dunking on Fessy.


  • Provocatively named, the Polish import Sexify is fairly indicative of the mood of the program. Natalia is a shy student whose expertise lies in computer programming. However, she longs to know more about sex–both for her studies and for her satisfaction. Its first season debuts tonight on Netflix.
  • About all else new we’ve got tonight is Life Under Renovation–a makeover show that puts the documentation in the hands fo five families who want to redesign their living space to mark a major life event. It starts on Discovery+ today.
  • If you’ve the marquee show tonight has got you all worked up, and all of Headspace’s tips don’t work and watching the young MTV’ers scoot across ziplines does not wear you out and plot points from the dystopian world are swirling in your mind, you’re in luck as Hulu also offers an aftershow: One Burning Question is hosted by Stacey Wilson Hunt.

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