What To Watch: 04/27/2021

We’re having a fairly classy day here at Scholars HQ–located in the basement of the Wonka Factory, so you can only imagine some of the things we’ve heard. We’re pretty sure the ghost of Augustus Gloop haunts our socks. In any case, our top two picks are foreign films, one from Turkey, one from Japan, one dark, one light. We also suggest a Freeform-style dark thriller. And if that doesn’t capture you, there’s a ton of great sitcoms on tonight.

Fatma [Netflix]
Fresh from Turkey, this Netflix drama series follows an “ordinary cleaning lady” who traverses a journey of self-discovery when she gets away with murder as a result of her unassuming identity. 

Labyrinth of Cinema [MUBI]
Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi is most famous for his 1977 horror cult classic House–a movie critically panned in his home country at the time, but which found cult success when it was released stateside 32 years later. His final film, made in 2019 with the director in his ’80s is a wholly different affair, an anti-war film with moments both grotesque and whimsical–it’s also a musical fantasy. It’s trailer looks a cross between early Woody Allen and Guillermo del Toro.

Cruel Summer [Freeform, 9p]
The intrigue continues! Who do you believe? Did Jeanette see Kate? Is Kate framing Jeanette in a revenge plot to win back her boyfriend? Is it possible for them both to be telling the truth? It is going to take a lot to untangle this web. 


  • While tonight’s time travel episode of The CW’s Supergirl has enough “whazzzzzup”s in its trailer that one might think the writers confused 2009 with 1999 (when the famous Bud Light commercial came out), but the plot would seem to be they go to Kara’s prom held 12 years earier in order to save something.
  • Black-ish moved onto the second round in our March Madness in April Comedy Half-Hour Tournament last week and this week, after a heart-to-heart with Bow, Dre does some soul searching and builds a checklist of items he wants to accomplish in his leftime, while Junior goes on a similar mission to save his relationship with Olivia. On the other end of the -Ishaverse, Harrison goes on a date on mixed-ish. Tonight’s episode takes its title from a popular ’80s hit which at one point held the Billboard record for most consecutive weeks on the Hot 100.
  • It’s already been a year of Kenan and per the trailer for the finale, “love is in the air” for the widowed parent. And Don Johnson and Vanessa Williams are around to make fun of him.

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