What To Watch: 04/26/2021

Very superstitious…. writing on the wall. Seriously, that 1973 Sesame Street moment imaged above may be one of the greatest musical performances in television history. The children’s show nonpareil travels back through its 50 years–it actually debuted in 1969, so we’re a bit confused. And they’re the program that taught most of us math!? There’s also a new Brit police drama, a few supernatural shows with new episodes, a full-flung Samsung ad, and an American Dad episode with a living doll.

Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days [ABC, 8p]
Celebrating 50 years of Sesame Street with a 2 hours documentary special produced by TIME. Special appearances by Gloria Estefan, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Whoopi Goldberg, Christopher Jackson, John Legend, Lucy Liu and more!

Backström [Acorn]
If the name of this show sounds familiar, the Swedish novel series was first brought to the airwaves in the United States with Evert/Everett Backström played by Rainn Wilson. Kjell Bergqvist plays the arrogant detective with a 99% clearance rate in the Swedish version. In his first season, he faces the coldest of cold cases when a child finds a skull on a beach.

Debris [NBC, 10p]
The latest mystery on this show–a diver finds a piece of debris and accidentally erases his sister from reality. This show is proving to be more than an X-Files/Lost rip off. For a big network show it’s intriguing and fun. Give it a shot.


  • Shudder’s first dig into the history of gore horror was so successful, they are back for a second pass. In Search of Darkness, Part II debuts tonight.
  • MTV’s programming recently has leaned heavily on the -Iciousnessaverse. The second feature–the food related one–returns after a month with the two final episodes of the second season. It’s Deliciousness.
  • If you knew the entire origin story of this site, you’d know we’re not going to go out of our way to promote what is essentially a Samsung ad. That said, a photography competition does sound somewhat fun, so know that on Hulu you can see Exposure, if that’s your thing.
  • The Pierce family are in trouble in the latest installment of one of the CW’s best made superhero sagas as we creep towards its series finale, it’s Black Lightning.
  • We’ve got a pair of intriguing new DIY shows debuting on HGTV. First we have the simply titled Inside Out. Carmine Sabatella is the inside, Mike Pyle is the out–what that means is they both work together and battle to fix up the interior and the landscaping of a property so it has “curb appeal” that holds when the potential buyer ventures inside. On the kookily titled $50K Three Ways (in which they probably count on your mind going to the gutter), interior designer Tiffany Brooks offers homeowners three options for how they could create 50k worth of renovation.

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