What To Watch: 04/25/2021

Even a no-frills Oscar ceremony will dominate a Sunday. Tonight, it’s the 93rd Annual Academy Awards, which will go on without a host. That’s relatively normal these days, but this pandemic affair will be even more subdued as there will be less pomp and circumstance and the songs will not be performed. We’re not even sure if they are going to put together a Zoom opening number. Out shout out to the people who always complain about these things going over: be careful what you wish for. Although maybe ABC will still find a way to take the night into the next day. Hey, it could force them to innovate. Here’s the story of tonight’s TV starting with the obvious.

93rd Annual Academy Awards [ABC, 8p]
Tonight is the Academy Awards. Given the year we just lived through its no surprise that this marks the true rise of the streaming service as distributors for Oscar films. And it’s taking place at a location synonymous with glamour.. a train station???

BET Remembers DMX [BET, 2:30p]
I know today is the Oscars and we’ll all be watching that. But before that, I’ll be watching the homegoing service for DMX and paying homage one last time to one of the most impactful and genuine artists of this generation.

Biography: Rowdy Roddy Piper [A&E, 8p]
Known for kicking ass (when he was all out of bubblegum), Rowdy Roddy Piper, the famous WWE heel and star of one of the best b-movie horror flicks of all time (They Live!), called it that his wrestling career was the formula for an early death, and he indeed died a few years ago at 61. A&E gives the man, who was by all accounts one of the good guys in real life, the full treatment.

  • The brave and beloved first family of Ausralian creatures, the Irwins, add a baby, a human one even, and of course TV is there to cover it, and to throw the word “crikey” in there for good measure. The Discovery+ streaming site debuts Crikey! It’s a Baby!
  • TLC looks into the brighter side (queeeestion mark) of its most popular fast track romance (queeeeestion mark) program with a new 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? They’ll also try to wow you tonight with siblings who are not just regular siblings, but Extreme Sisters.
  • BBC America returns one of its truest money makers for a whiplash-inducing 30th season. Hosted now by Chris Harris, Paddy McGuinness, and Andrew Flintoff, Top Gear takes the love of the engine to another level, and by the looks of its trailer, also aquatic. Expect it to be more extreme than TLC’s sisters.

  • Those undead continue to shamble while the pre-undead attempt to avoid them–along with the id-y darker elements of fellow un-undead–on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. We forget about the evil that is Virginia as there is a new threat and Morgan will have to marshall his adherents while calling for unity among those who will listen.
  • For those who want to get their killer gawker on this weekend, we’ve got Murderous History. So many cable stations start off with lofty cultural goals before the more base elements, and while this is the first murder porn we’ve noticed on The Smithsonian Channel. Sadly, we must admit that it looks pretty cool.
  • It’s been a long time since Discovery has worried about that and, as if on cue (what cue?!?!?!), they bring us their latest season of Naked & Afraid XL. 3000 years of human progress and we’re back to square one. What would The Bloodhound Gang think (either the group or the plucky 3-2-1 Contact mystery team).

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