What To Watch: 04/24/2021

Outside of the Academy Awards tomorrow–which will themselves be a muted affair without a host or musical numbers–it is about as quiet a TV weekend as you’ll see. It’s a bit of a calm before the May sweeps storm–which we’re even not sure is a thing anymore. We have no individual recommendations as such, but here’s some of what’s on tonight.

  • If you’ve never seen Eyes on the Prize, the exciting and informative 1986 docu-series about the Civil Rights Movement, now’s as good a time as any–particularly given the current events and climte–as PBS is airing an episode tonight at 8pm.
  • Originally a short film chronicling the historic Ben Lecomte swim across the ocean, The Swim comes to Discovery+ in a longer form documentary.
  • Over on Lifetime, tonight’s movie is My Father’s Other Family in which Shelby finds out upon her father’s death that he had another family and another daughter named Rose. We’re guessing Rose turns out to be a kind and gentle person and not at all the sort of person who would kill a newfound half-sister to steal her share of the inheritance.
  • Anyone who has every been tapped to train the person who will be taking their job will relate to the DIY Channel’s predicament, forced for a second time to advertise the new programming on the new station that will be taking DIY’s place. Magnolia Network: A Look Ahead Vol. 2 previews some of the shows coming to the new fixer upper station.

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