What To Watch: 04/23/2021

While it’s a definite Streaming Friday as we see the exciting debut of a new Netflix fantasy program along with a bunch of intriguing films, including the latest attempt to bring a game-changing video game into the movie realm (FINISH HIM!). There is one exciting return on regular ol’ standard basic cable as Robin Thede’s hilarious sketch comedy comes back for a second season.

Shadow and Bone [Netflix]
This new fantasy series built of a popular series of novels drops on Netflix today. I freely admit that I’m not familiar with the best selling book series, but that’s by design. I want to go into this eight episode series with fresh eyes. What happens when a mapmaker unleashed a power into a war torn world? We’re about to find out. The days of the YA novel based film series may be behind us, but the streaming adaptations are just getting started.

Mortal Kombat [HBO Max]
Warner Bros is blessing us with the opportunity to watch this movie from the comfort of our own homes. It will also be playing in theaters if that’s something you’re into. You never know how a video game turned movie will turn out, but I think it’s a safe bet to say this movie will be entertaining.’

Tell Me When [Netflix]
A workaholic raised by his grandparents goes on a bucket list trip through Mexico City, only to fall in love with his friend. (The trailer was surprisingly charming!)

A Black Lady Sketch Show [HBO, 11p]
And somehow, she persisted. Robin Thede and her dedicated cast of women found a way to continue production during the pandemic to bring us the long-awaited season two of the Emmy-nominated series. But have no fear, there will be no remnants of the pandemic world here – no masks, no mention of covid, just pure unadulterated joy. That sounds like a magical place I want to spend time in. Guest stars include Gabrielle Union, Skai Jackson, Kim Wayans, Amber Riley, and Ayesha Curry.

RuPaul’s Drag Race [VH1, 8p]
We’ve reached the finale of the 13th season, we’re down to four queens and–other than the feeling Kandy Muse won’t win it–there’s no sure thing. Well, in my mind there’s one queen who it should clearly be, but I don’t get a vote… yet! In any case, it should be a fun time as the final lip syncs (or whatever Ru has planned for the girls) go down and a 13th winner–either Symone, Gottmik, or Rose–is crowned. But it should be Symone.


  • This filmic production of Romeo & Juliet from the National Theatre stars Jessie Buckley & Josh O’Connor along with a supporting cast including Adrian Lester, It airs, logically enough, on PBS. Its trailer is mesmerizing.
  • Eight seasons and fourteen episodes in, Red Reddington is still ticking names off his master list, and unbeknownst to a lot of the TV-watching world, The Blacklist is still a thing on NBC in 2021.
  • It’s a top heavy day, so we’re already up to Lifetime where their Friday night movie is something called Deceitful Dating and it’s on LMN. This one’s a rarity in the Lifetime movieverse as it’s a man being menaced by the universe. Widowed father of two John Logan finds love with Alice, a new neighbor who is eager to help–but she also has secrets, including the discovery of a murdered ex-husband. Finally some good roles for men!

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