What To Watch: 04/21/2021

It’s a quiet night, quite quiet even, but that does not mean we have nothing. There’s a lot of cheating (or accused cheating) going down on Roseanne Minus Roseanne. There’s a new uplifting Netflix superhero show with a definite early-’80s TV movie vibe. Also, Dan Rather interviews a white-haired Kathleen Hanna and her also white-haired husband. Try telling that one to your 1990s self (if you had a 1990s self)!

The Conners [ABC, 9p]
Darlene helps Mark prepare for an entrance exam but her plans backfire, and Mark is accused of cheating. 

Zero [Netflix]
If you’re feeling glum (or watching too many glum shows), this Italian import may be just what you need. Zero has always bemoaned being overlooked, then the ol’ be careful what you wish for happens and after finding himself in the targets of baddies, he learns he can turn literally invisible, and now his whole neighborhood is counting on him to be a superstar. 

The Big Interview with Dan Rather [AXS, 8p]
This should be a good one. On this week’s episode of the big interview, Dan rather interviews Ad Rock and Kathleen Hanna. I, for one cannot wait to hear Dan give us the history of Bikini Kill.

The Challenge [MTV, 8p]
Part Two of the finale! Last week we left off on a cliffhanger. Who will CT and Amber sabotage with that extra plate of food? My money is on Cory and Kam since they are clearly their biggest competition. After Kaycee’s injury and Fessy’s inability to eat gross food, it feels obvious which team will end up in 4th place and eliminated before day two of this final. But! Who knows! Anything could happen.

BUT, WAIT, THERE’S MORE (not much though):

  • Olivia Liang is earning raves for her performance as the lead in the CW reboot of Kung Fu. Its third episode, “Patience,” airs tonight as Nicky and Henry find a lead in their quest to locate Zhilan.
  • It’s a sing-off and a double elimination as no one wants to join Left Shark… we mean, The Orca (who we saw Fly away last episode… is there a reason we capitalized “Fly”?…) in The Masked Singer‘s version of the dollar bin.
  • Sigh, this last one just makes us sad, but it’s the only show beside Zero that is technically new or returning this day, so we feel obliged to mention it. Lifetime’s blind wedding show returns, but it’s the rejects this time. It’s called Married at First Sight: The Unmatchables.

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