What To Watch: 04/20/2021

If you were hoping for a teen series that shares its title with a 1980s Bananarama hit song, well then, Freeform’s got your back. There’s also a pair of docu-series about rare commodities, a liberal activist D.A. and a mythical creature. Also, plenty of things to enjoy while partaking in an activity inspired by the day, but we’ll just leave it at that for now.

Cruel Summer [Netflix]
A new psychological thriller surrounding the disappearance of “popular girl” Kate Wallis and the involvement of “nerdy wannabe” Jeanette Turner. This looks like a grittier version of Pretty Little Liars, leaning into darkness without the barbie doll perfection. I’m ready to watch this mystery unfold.  

Sasquatch [Hulu]
A triple homicide attributed to Bigfoot is investigated in this Duplass Brothers-produced docuseries. Bigfoot, who is definitely not real, shouldn’t be maligned like this! 

Independent Lens: Philly D.A. [PBS, 9p]
Larry Krasner scored an upset win, and a special victory for those fighting corruption and brutality in the spheres of law and order, when the lifelong activist won election as D.A. in 2017. Will he be able to keep his principles while part of the system? This docu-series looks inside his office as he fights for his beliefs while navigating bureaucracy. If you’re actually in Philadelphia reading this, you’ll have to wait til November as PBS does not want to influence the election. Oh… PBS… honey… anyone want to tell them?  


  • Cinema Toast is slightly more subtle than, say, the Doug Loves Movies podcast in its relationship with a certain substance that tends to take front & center the day before Earth Day. This show, airing on Showtimes streaming service Sho.com, takes bits of movies, mixes them up and re-dubs them with the voices of cool folks like Nick Offerman and Alison Brie.
  • As for Chopped 420, even without the name, it would have been very likely that this is a weed-baking themed special episode when the hilarious, but ever blissed comedian Ron Funches walked out from behind the curtain. It’s on Discovery+.
  • And speaking of the Discovery Empire’s streaming service, one of its most beloved shows returns today in two forms: Deadliest Catch and Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, the latter of which we presume tells the story of a carp family whose secrets are revealed at the fishy reunion. It’s the 17th season for the former.
  • Are we featuring the Netflix family show Izzy’s Koala World for any reason BUT the opportunity to show a kid with a koala on her head? Does it matter?!
  • While we know there is an element of human misery behind it, we can’t deny being bewitched by the pun within the name Hustle & Tow, the new reality show on A&E. It’s hard out there for a blimp… which they could also theoretically tow. They pair it thoughtfully with the daddy of their shows, the 13th season premiere of Storage Wars.

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