What To Watch: 04/19/2021

We have wizard-makers, SWFs, journeys into the minds of Trumpers both real and animated. It’s a Monday in April 2021 and here’s today’s new television.

The Secrets She Keeps [AMC, 10p]
Based on a novel, this six-part Aussie psychological thriller concerns two women at very different places in life, both with secrets, one obsessed with the other. Filmed in Sydney, it looks like gripping, if brooding, fun.

American Experience [PBS, 9p]
Meet “the true wizard behind the curtain,” in this look at Frank L. Baum, The Wizard of Oz author “who failed at everything but writing children’s books.”

American Dad [TBS, 10p]
It’s hard to believe that this spin-off has been around for 16 seasons. But here we are. Irreverent and sometimes problematic, Seth Mcfarlane’s comedy is still sharp as you will see in the latest episode. It’s as American as an open carry lunatic.


  • Jordan Klepper is the master Trump whisperer. The Daily Show correspondent boldly goes where few liberals would ever want to go: deep into the heart of Trumplandia. And Klepper has become adept at getting them to say some of the most revealing (and incredibly dumb) things. Tonight, Comedy Central sens him again in a special that is a mouthful: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse–Into the Magaverse.
  • One of the UK’s longest running police procedurals returns for a 22nd series on Acorn TV. DCI John Barnaby continues to solve them Midsomer Murders, although never really seems to notice that the violent crime rate is higher than the Port Authority in the 1970s.
  • Not sure how I feel about Black Ink Crew: New York moving its operations to Atlanta to skirt COVID precautions. In any Case, the ninth season of the series is not in the city in its name. It’s on VH1.

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