What To Watch: 04/12/2021

Swedish thrillers usually tend to be dark, moody, and subtly terrifying, and that goes double for when the Swedish crimes being chronicled are the real world actions of an actual killer. Speaking of which, Independent Lens‘ latest full-length rips one of the saddest (and also creepiest) police incidents of the way too long list from the last decade. Officer Peter Liang fired his gun in a dark stairwell and when the dust settled his shots had killed a young girl.

Pray, Obey, Kill [HBO, 9p]
It’s trailer has the feel of a dark scripted thriller, but this Swedish five-part series is a documentary that explores a 2004 murder that shed light on a brutal Pentacostal cult in the cloistered village of Knutby. The cinematic aspect isn’t hurt by the fact that it’s created by the forces behind The Bridge.

Independent Lens [PBS, 10p]
Tonight’s episode, “Down a Dark Stairwell,” examines the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley, who was killed in the unlit stairwell of his own building in Brooklyn in 2014. NYPD Officer Peter Liang, who is Chinese American, was the first cop to be indicted in ten years for an on-duty shooting. Though indicted, his charges were lessened and he was sentenced to probation and community service. (Which is bullshit. Gurley died!) Watch this and try to explain to me how Blue Bloods hasn’t caused the uneven discourse on current events.

Debris [NBC, 10p]
Bryan and Finola head to Maine to follow a lead on INFLUX. Their plans may be complicated by a girl who lost her father to a piece of debris. The plot thickens, as this show still manages to be compelling six episodes in.


  • On the part legal drama, part thriller, part soap opera, all Welsh Keeping Faith, the third season opens with our lead character (of course, Faith) nearing divorce from our first missing person (her longtime husband, Evan). Meanwhile, her case for this season is a doozy as a terminally ill 14-year-old is looking for rights to pull his own plug.
  • Spencer continues to fight to get back on the field as we head into the back half of the third season of the CW’s All American. That’s paired with one of the broodingest of superheroes as he fights one of the broodingest villains as it’s Black Lightning vs. Painkiller on the latest episode of Black Lightning.
  • On the lighter side of relationships, we have the wrestling couple of Mike “The Miz” and Maryse Mizanin, both professionals, who return for the second half of a very long second season under the reality show microphone on Miz & Mrs. USA does know characters.
  • We’re trying with ya anime. The new movie New Gods: Nezha Reborn features an ancient hero and defeated of the Dragon King who finds himself in modern times facing new challenges. That said, I’m sure there will somehow be dragons here–it’s on Netflix.
  • NBC cuts itself back into the poker game with big names of the poker world including provocative host Phil Hellmuth all featured on the second season of the sultry sounding Poker After Dark. NBC turned itself into a hardcore porn network so fast, we hardly noticed.
  • Speaking of porn, Oxygen–of all channels–has the murder porn you’ve been looking for as Mark of a Killer returns for a third season of psychoanalyzing serial killers.

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