And The Winners Are… The First Eight Shows Into The Solid Sixty-Four!

#1 Parks & Recreation vs. #16 Miranda

This one was never even close as the residents of Pawnee swept GBOAT and Miranda was held to three votes in the Screen Scholars balloting. Ms. Hart’s show was subtly brilliant as she cast her neuroses to the wind, but it never stood a chance against the show that started theoretically as an Office off-shoot and Amy Poehler vehicle, but grew into one of the most memorable universes in television. Parks & Rec moves on to Round 2 where it will face…

#8 Happy Endings vs. #9 Frasier

  • Seattle pulls a mini-upset over L.A., although it’s a bit weird to call a long-running titan of television like Frasier an underdog vs. a show that lasted only two seasons. However, we have our reasons and we weren’t way off-base as the second and sliiiiightly more successful Cheers spin-off (anyone remember The Tortellis?) only eked out a victory by a couple votes.

#2 The Daily Show vs. #15 Keeping Up Appearances

No matter how many recounts Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced: bou-quet) might demand, her quaintly lovely, yet also dark and gritty UK classic from the early 1990s was no match for the show which has been taking the piss out of world leaders, corporations, and all-around jerks since the year Keeping Up Appearances went off the air. The Daily Show with all its hosts (except Craig Kilborn) and all its correspondents move into the second round of our tourney where it will meet the winner of…

#7 Futurama vs. #10 It’s a Living!

Great news, Futurama fans! (h/t to GBOATer Greg Lambert) While It’s a Living! put up almost as decent fight in balloting as it did when its fans were able to get about four extra seasons through protest, that show about four L.A. waitresses was up against another show whose fans bought it even more time–cancelled by Fox in 2003, Comedy Central revived it five years later where it racked up three more seasons over five MORE years (they really need to rethink how shows consider seasons). It’s Fry and Bender up against Stewart and Noah in Round 2 which will happen sometime in… June (yeah, maybe we shouldn’t point fingers about the amount of time some things take).

#3 Friends vs. #14 Beavis & Butt-Head

Maybe the fact that one of my college radio station’s few rules was “no Beavis & Butt-Head voices” (along with “F-ing Slayer”) should have been the first reminder that we may have underseeded these influential teenagers. However, I had no idea they would pull off the stunner of the tournament so far. Could there BE any more of an upset? Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, and Chandler pull an Arizona and exit. They were just not our lobster. Heh-heh lobster…

#6 Designing Women vs. #11 Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Sugarbakers, Julia and Suzanne, Charlene, and Mary Jo–and, yes, I realize we have a late season pic above, but not all the original characters could make our results watch party–beat Meatwad, Shakezula, and Frylock as the Adult Swim mainstay is the first animated series to lose in our tourney.

#4 Bojack Horseman vs. #13 Nurse Jackie

Back in the ’10s, Bojack Horseman was a very famous TV show–at least it had and still has a passionate cult fanbase (of whom I would include myself). In our tourney, the funniest show about depression met another show centered around the dangers of staring into the abyss that could often be funny in Nurse Jackie. We know that Bojack won’t stop dancing until the curtains fall, but it has a formidable Round of 64 opponent in…

#5 Taxi vs. #12 Girls

Either the Girls backlash is real, or Taxi has withheld the test of time. I’m fine with it being a little from column A and a little from column B (which gives you a hint towards the #1 seeded show in the second conference and likely tournament favorite). The Sunshine Cab Co. absolutely annihilates the four hipsters with more than 7x the number of votes. So it’s on to the second round to take on a show featuring its own car service related B Plot.

Thanks everyone for voting and stay tuned for Section B of our Outstanding 128 which will be unveiled tomorrow morning and features the stars of Cheers, Better Call Saul, Veronica Mars, and the underrated Huff, but not in those shows.

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