What To Watch: 04/10/2021

It’s a Saturday night with an SNL so we know where we’re starting. They’ve been bingeing Academy Award nominees lately and this week it’s Carey Mulligan, who has earned her second nomination for Promising Young Woman. Beyond that, we have the debut of a kids show along with the usual Saturday mix of Reelz biographies (but they’re some good ones this week), inspirational reality, murder porn, and Lifetime-style movies.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Carey Mulligan hosts tonight. Her Oscar nominated filn is a juggernaut and Mulligan has had a lot of praise thrown her way including an Oscar nod, so hopefully she’ll have fun letting her hair down in studio 8H. Super hip Kid Cudi brings the flow as musical guest.

Club Mundo Kids [Televisa, 10:30a]
Ever watch Sesame Street and wonder, “If only it was in Spanish?” Well now, wonder no more! Bilingual host Romi and her puppet co-hosts will take kids on an educational adventure in this new series that delves into answering questions about anything from space to endangered animals.

Johnny Cash: Road to Redemption/Willie Nelson: Highs & Lows [Reelz, 9p/10p]
Reelz, in its neverending quest to become the home of the music bio, serves up two aces tonight, with two of the superstars and original outlaws of Country music, the late Johnny Cash and the very much still going strong Willie Nelson. The former is a stark look at a man filled with conflicting angels and demons and the latter has the requisite pot pun. Small factoid: did you know Willie Nelson and Bruce Sprinsteen debuted in the Billboard Top 40 for the first time the same week (with “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and “Born To Run” respectively)?


  • Oprah’s best friend, woman parentheses strong category continues to ply her brand of self-help. Ms. Vanzandt debuts with the tenth and final season of Iyanla: Fix My Life tonight on, where else, OWN.
  • OWN profiles Elaine Benes’ boyfriend in Rifkin on Rifkin: Private Confessions of a Serial Killer, and yada yada yada, we realize this reference and/or joke(?) was probably a dumb idea.
  • Discovery+ looks into the meanings of tribes as Future People: The Family of Donor 5114 brings together the children of a mysterious sperm donor and looks at their possible similarities and connection.
  • And finally in the good ol’ LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), we have new movies from both channels. Lifetime brings us Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Movie, which probably presents lust as a healthy part of human existence and every character emerges alive, healthy, and happy with their choices at the end. Meanwhile, Hallmark takes what looks like its usual formula (busy businesswoman + ruggedly handsome guy with local business + quirky small town=love) to Ireland in As Luck Would Have It because, you know, luck o’ the Irish. If the person penning this round-up were about 14% more Irish, he’d be a wee offended.

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