Celebrate Siblings Day with these Short-Lived Comedies

Today is National Siblings Day. Though many celebrate on Instagram with throwback photos, we at Screen Scholars always reach for the clicker when it’s time to observe a holiday. Bob’s Burgers, Modern Family, and This Is Us may seem like obvious choices (for very good reasons); stream these short-lived half-hour comedies this weekend instead:

Ben & Kate, a one-season sitcom on Fox, debuted in 2012. Starring Nat Faxon as Ben, an “over-the-top dreamer and professional underachiever,” and Dakota Johnson as Kate, a single mother and bar manager, the two siblings grow closer when Ben moves in with Kate to help her parent her adorable six-year-old. The warm comedy’s cast was enhanced with Lucy Punch and Echo Kellem.

You can stream Ben & Kate on Amazon.

The Goodwin Games aired seven episodes on Fox over three months in 2013. Starring Becki Netwon, Scott Foley, and the now-disgraced T.J. Miller (he replaced Jake Lacy), three brilliant siblings are forced into a series of challenges designed to bring them closer together. Beau Bridges is their eccentric and deceased father, the architect of the namesake games.

You can stream The Goodwin Games on Amazon.

The Mick aired on Fox for two years and two brief seasons, airing its final episode on April 3, 2018. Kaitlin Olson stars as Mickey, an irresponsible aunt raising three kids when their parents are arrested for fraud and tax evasion. (National Aunt Day is July 26, if you’d like to honor your favorite auntie.) While Mickey adjusts to their wealthy lifestyle, Sabrina, Chip, and Ben wreak havoc for all of those around them, frequently conspiring to ruin their selfish aunt. (Foxon was initially cast as Mickey’s boyfriend, Jimmy! He was recast by Scott MacArthur.)

You can stream The Mick on Hulu.

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