What To Watch: 04/09/2021

It’s the circle of supernatural as we say goodbye to one critically acclaimed show with wisps of syfy (and it’s on Syfy) and welcome an Amazon Prime thriller about racism with a hint of the beyond and big buzz surrounding it. It’s a bountiful Streaming Friday as we also have the debut of a new variety show from a dope queen and a buddy superhero comedy featuring two actresses with five Academy Award nominations between them.

Them [Amazon Prime]
Produced by Lena Waithe, written by Little Marvin, set in the 1950s, the latest horror anthology blends American Horror Story with touches of Us and Lovecraft Country as an African American family buys a house in an all-white section of L.A. and the neighbors act… well, you can probably guess. The cast is led by relative newcomer British actress Deborah Ayorinde, who’s biggest role to date was a recurring spot in Luke Cage, but based on the trailer and reviews, she might be a breakout star of this one.

Wynona Earp [Syfy, 10p]
I did that thing I always do when I find out a show I love is ending and delayed watching for weeks just because I didn’t want it to end. Unfortunately that doesn’t work! It is still ending! Now I’ve watched all of season four in this last week so that I can watch the finale live. Last week we were treated to a glimpse of Dark Waverly, Sheriff Haught became the “Angel’s Shield” and Wynonna and Doc got very close to having an honest conversation. Oh! And Doc’s no longer a vamp. For once, it looks like everything is really going to be okay. I will miss following the adventures of our friends in the ghost river triangle, but if we have to say goodbye, at least we are going out on a high note. WayHaught wedding here we come!  Tune in tonight for the series finale. 

Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson [Comedy, 11p]
Ever daydream about running away and hanging out on a farm? Or facing your fear of heights by walking a tightrope. Now imagine having famous friends to do that with and then you’ll have the premise of former Dope Queen Phoebe Robinson’s new show. During the pandemic Phoebe Robinson enlisted the help of her very interesting celeb friends to get her out of her house and comfort zone while tackling some unique activities. Some shenanigans include horseback riding with Whitney Cummings and learning magic tricks with the Property Brothers. I look forward to living vicariously through Phoebe as I ride out the rest of this pandemic. 

Thunder Force [Netflix]
Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are two formerish BFFs with accidental superpowers in this new comedy. The patriarchy will ruin the party, which seems like a fast way to get on Octavia Spencer’s shitlist. 


  • Amazon’s flashy, industrial-heavy German import We Children From Bahnhof Zoo is based on the 1978 memoirs of 15-year-old heroin addict & sex worker Christiane F. who would later star in a 1981 film version of the same name–the zoo was the location of the train station where she and her friends plied their trade. Cool fact: David Bowie was a fan and did the music of her original film.
  • Netflix sports a pair of import movies. Night in Paradise is a gangland thriller from South Korea about a killer trying to flee the life. In the whimsical Turkish comedy/drama Have You Ever Seen The Fireflies?, elderly woman Gulseren looks back on her life, her political stands, and her one true love.
  • Hoo boy, so Blue Bloods reaches a climax on an arc about Frank trying to save Gormley’s career after a career of excessive force complains. Given that we’re right in the middle of the Derek Chauvin trial over the killing of George Floyd and we’re talking about a show that where all cops are besties, this feels about as perfect timing as if a show about politics had its lead character defending a conservative Florida Congressman’s dating habits. Oof.
  • While we had to say goodbye with heavy hearts to one-time frontrunner Olivia Lux two weeks before the Rupaul’s Drag Race season 13 finale and so we don’t get to hear RuPaul say “what advice would you give to 5-year-old Fred, we’re still excited about the final four of Rosé, Symone, Gottmik, and Kandy Muse on VH1. And not to brag, but our Jason has picked the likely sashay away almost every week. We’re sure he’ll have something to say later today about how they did his favorite Olivia, but he’ll get it together to post his pre-final odds on the 13th queen to be crowned regular season champion! Here’s his words from last week’s column.
  • Combine the Discovery empire’s love for true crime with its love for ghost hunters and you have the special Ed Gein: The Real Psycho which hunts for the ghost of the prolific and terrible serial killer.
  • We’ll close this out in Lifetime-land where the movie du jour on LMN is Secrets in the Woods, which we haven’t seen, but we’re pretty sure is about secrets… in the woods. Reading more closely, it’s about a woman who finds out her boyfriend’s secrets… when they go on a trip to a cabin… in the woods. Fwiw, the thriller would appear to be one that was intended for theaters (or at least straight-to-“video”) before the pandemic struck.

And please make sure to vote in our version of Laff-a-Lympics… we mean March Madness: March Madness in April: Comedy Half-Hour Tournament Eleganza Extravaganza.

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