What To Watch: 04/08/2021

Katey Sagal is a national treasure and has been since the 1980s. Her new show may be a bit network and basic, but that does not make us any less excited about its debut. We’re also pretty stoked about the animated return of an under-the-radar comedy with an impressive cast that was live action for its first three seasons. And we welcome back Fiona who reminds us of that the timeless medical classic that’s been in front of our face for over 15 years is still going strong. Also please take time to vote in our absurdly huge March Madnes in April Comedy Double Bracket--we left off the last “s” for savings.

Rebel [ABC, 10p]
Badly-named, but starring Katey Segal, ABC’s new drama is inspired by the life of Erin Brokovich! Who also produces and continues to be a badass. Annie “Call me Rebel” Bello is a “blue-collar” legal advocate who takes on The Man. I think. I like when Segal is a Bad You Know What in a good way.

No Activity [Paramount+]
First off, this show has Jason Mantzoukas as an FBI agent named Marco?! How am I not watching this already? Add in the amazing cast including Amy Sedaris, Tim Meadows, and Patrick Brammall (who was tremendous in the original Moodys) and it’s a travesty to have missed its first three seasons on CBS. It’s not the first show to use the animation workaround during the pandemic, but that does not make my excitement any less for the fourth, animated season starting today. Now I just gotta play catch-up.

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 9p]
Tonight is the night we’ve been waiting for all season! Meredith is successfully off the ventilator and awake. What happens next? Is it too ambitious to hope for a Long COVID subplot? 


  • While no editor chose it, we are excited about the second season return of Everything’s Gonna Be OK, Josh Thomas’ second quirky show after the critically beloved Please Like Me. And did we just see Maria Bamford and Richard Kind in the trailer for season 2? Talk about perfect casting for a show about the complications and anguish involved in navigating society.
  • This space has ignored anime more than it probably should, but we gotta admit The Way of the Househusband got our attention, and hopefully the worry that there might be something a tad problematic behind it is unwarranted, because the tale of a warrior hiding in suburbia sounds fun.
  • “A place people die in should never be allowed to get that dark.” Shudder’s latest thriller, The Power, plays upon our fear of the dark and our fear of hospitals (maybe not the best time for that or maybe the perfect time). Nurse Val’s first day at a London hospital culminates in an unexpected night shift in a blackened ward that is clearly haunted.
  • Ashton Kutcher hosts and presumably produces Going From Broke, a new Crackle show where Kutcher brings in an expert that tells people under crushing student debt that they can be free from it if they really try hard enough. Ashton always seems to mean well, but seriously, you know, kinda fuck you! Maybe we should address the fact that it’s not a good thing that we live in a society that allows predatory companies to profit off young people trying to get an education or that does not think it worth it to make sure everyone has access to education that is necessary in today’s job field. This show is not part of the solution, so you know what that implies…
  • On the other hand, the GLAAD Media Awards does not get the gas face. They will be aired on Hulu live at 10p and if you love Schitt’s Creek like we do, you should probably check it out.
  • Given the popularity of shows where professionals yell at and mock less successful cooks, we suppose the militarization of the genre is the natural next step. And so it goes with the newest Food Network program Chef Boot Camp where Cliff Crooks goes to failing restaurants to decide whether they can ever turn their businesses and/or passion projects around.
  • And with that we’re about to dive under the covers, throw away our devices and hide from the world. But not before we give you your LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) fix. LMN brings us Secrets in the Basement, in which Delilah and Shawn move to the suburbs into a new house where maybe the secrets are good and they find a friendly gift basket in the cellar or maybe a trove of love letters exchanged during WWI and everything goes as planned. Ok, that’s what we’re going with because the world’s got enough dangerous secrets and we want to feel like a safe little representation of the universal voice of our online publication under our cozy warm blanket.

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