What To Watch: 04/06/2021

For two days in a row, it’s a light night for new TV; however, it’s top heavy as a one-time SNL’er–who left the show to hitch her wagon to John Mulaney’s surprising bomb of a sitcom–gets her own show with her own concept on TBS. We also have the launch of a quirky looking kids show on Netflix.

Chad [TBS, 10:30p]
While in some hands I would be a bit more wary of a comedy premise that hinges on a 39-year-old woman playing a 14-year-old boy, Nasim Pedrad is just, well, good in everything. She was great on SNL. I fell in love with her as Winston’s policeman girlfriend on New GirlHell, she was even solid on the aforementioned Mulaney. This show about the difficulties of being a teen could be brilliant, if hard to watch–and some have loved it

The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse To You! [Netflix]
This children’s show based on a popular series of books has a dark enough premise that it promises to have a fun side for adults as well. 


  • Arguably the first major standup battle show, Wild ‘N Out returns to VH1 for the second half of its 15th season. This half of the season will be a battle between the teams of Nick Cannon and Young Fly.
  • It’s feasting time for ex-SNL‘ers–and so it goes for one of the longest-running sketch program’s longest-tenured cast members. Kenan Thompson is still featuring from 30 Rock, but fictional morning host Kenan gets to play out the classic trope of a pesky mom visit on the eighth episode of NBC’s Kenan.
  • There’s so much drama in ABC’s -Ishaverse where on black-ish Junior is moving in with Olivia and no one else is all too happy about that (especially dear ol’ dad). On mixed-ish, Alicia and Paul get into a fussle about a Louis Vuitton bag.

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