Announcing TV March Madness in April (and Probably May and June too)

Hi there, we wanted to bring back this fun event, but not conformed to the rigid timeframe of the NCAA tournament. In fact we’re going to do all-time half-hour (or thereabouts) comedies, and it’s going to be a huge, ridiculous mega-bracket. 128 shows enter, 1 show leaves as empirically the greatest comedy that has ever been. This time, we will be teaming up with GBOAT, a fantastic bracket-happy Facebook page.

The shows were selected by our group of editors, with some input from friends, neighbors, and a small green alien only we can see (who is mad because his iconic show did NOT make the list).

Don’t ever get a Gazoo angry!

You’d be surprised how quickly 128 slots. There are some heavy hitters that just did not make the cut, and surely ones we missed after double-digit eyes and days of contemplation. Also, one iconic show will not be voted on here and I think we all know why that is. We’re sorry to all those other shows–and more importantly to all y’all fans of said shows–but hope you still have fun voting for your favorites over the next few months as we decide the TOP HALF-HOUR COMEDY EVER!

One question will not be Fat Mac vs. Buff Mac

For our Outstanding 128, the shows have been placed into groups of 16, with seeds from one through 16. While our editors worked together to come up with the ratings, even we are surprised at where some wound up slotting in. It’s all scientific and very, very arbitrary. Here’s a preview of each section’s #1 Seeds!

Stay tuned for the Section A ballot tomorrow, led by the series that if it had not existed, we would never know the glory that is Cats Who Look Like Ron Swanson. Exclusive! VIP! High End!… words that do not describe our tournament. Literally, you should tell all your friends, family, and Jerries to vote in the Screen Scholars/GBOAT March Madness in April (and Beyond) Half-Hour Comedy Extravaganza. 

Source: NBC

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