What To Watch: 04/05/2021

We get that Ernest Hemingway is arguably the most important writer of the 20th Century. He was also kind of a jerk and his concise, bombastic prose, genius as it was, is just not for everyone. That said, no one jumped on what’s probably a very engrossing documentary on PBS, and since it’s a quiet day and we’ve got a lot of planning to do for March Madness In April–more to come on that event that’s starting tomorrow, btw. We’ll have an announcement around the time that we know whether Baylor or Gonzaga is our national champion. Not that anything in our Madness is contingent on that or anything. It just seemed as good a time as any.

  • Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, and Loretta Devine return for a third season of Family Reunion on Fox. Its gang of six one-time Seattleites are now well settled into the small-town Georgia and ready for many wacky misadventures–like trying to register to vote and getting arrested for handing out sandwiches to voters… ok, sorry, we’re a bit salty about the Peach State these days.
  • Whatever you think about Hemingway’s prose or of the bastard he could famously be as a person, he did live a fascinating life at the center of American literature–as well as being an icon for our culture’s weird obsession with manhood. In Ken Burns hands, we’ll give Hemingway a shot for at least the first 37 hours, and we’ll finally find out just what Wynton Marsalis thinks of Hemingway.
  • As mentioned above, it’s the last day of 2021’s NCAA March Madness, as after one of the most upset-happy tournaments, the ultimate battle turns out to be a batter of two #1 seeds. Although, to be fair, whoever wins, it will be the first championship ever for either institution.

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