What To Watch: 03/31/2021

This year March goes out like a Godzilla (or a Kong if that’s your trip). Unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods yet, so we can’t see one of the biggest big screen flicks to come out in a while in a darkened theater on a gigantic screen. Nevertheless, it’s nice to settle for watching the Kaiju fly, roar, and spit fire all in the comfort of our own homes. And it’s a day for battle as on the undercard there’s the return of Mitchell vs. Webb as the premier comedy duo return after four years for a second series of their latest half-hour comedy where a sad sack battles a sociopath for pride and the ownership of a British pub.

Godzilla vs. Kong [HBO Max]
The big one hits today on HBO Max. King of the Monsters underperformed, but Skull Island was a pleasant surprise. What side of the kaiju coin will this movie land? Does it matter? I just want to see a giant ape and a giant lizard fight and destroy stuff.. until they (obviously) team up to knock the crap out of Mechagodzilla..

Back [IFC, Midnight]
I’ll watch anything the comic duo of David Mitchell & Robert Webb put out–from their Look to their Situation to their Peep Show (which lasted an amazing nine series on BBC). This series–which places the reigning kings of British neuroses in a rural Gloucester pub–began in 2017, introducing us to Mitchell’s Stephen, who is on the cusp of inheriting the family bar, and Webb’s Andrew, a onetime foster child who returns and charms the family, and with it, Stephen’s last gasp dream. Its second season drops late tonight, with this time Stephen the one who is “back,” in this case from a wellness center, vowing revenge on his rival. Reviews suggest that this upcoming series may be the best work the prolific pair have done to date. 

The Con [ABC, 10p]
This show about cons comes to it’s too-soon season finale tonight with “The Hollywood Con,” a depressing and seemingly pointless–but fascinating!!–tale of a woman in Hollywood convincing up-and-comers to fly to Jakarta (on their own dime!!) for the role of a lifetime. Thankfully, Laci will explain everything–as will the victims.



  • With BTS now having topped the Billboard Hot 100 twice–with “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On“–it’s impossible to deny the powet of K-Pop. And that’s not even taking into account how many times its fans have helped save our democracy with their social media acumen. Watching the YouTube documentary K-Pop Evolution, about the rise of the musical genre, is the least we can do as thanks. Do it for Uncle Sam. And for your hope, my hope: J-Hope.
  • You don’t want to make Sir David Attenborough angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. And if we don’t do better by endangered species, he’ll be rightfully pissed. His latest PBS special highlights our failure to our fellow inhabitants. It’s Extinction: The Facts.
  • Netflix takes its paranormal program south of the border, and we mean the Mexican border with Guatemala for Haunted: Latin America.
  • If you have yet to encounter The Laundry Guy, here’s your chance to catch him on streaming as he has new episodes on Discovery+. The savant of stains, the savior of smudges, and the guru of grass stains, Patrick Richardson brings his wisdom to our homes so our clothings neither burn out nor fade away.

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