What To Watch: 03/29/2021

A few days after RuPaul held their show’s annual roast (Jason’s column about it with updated odds comes out Friday, but here’s last week’s), the network that lives on roasts–Comedy Central–gives us what is essentially their version of a clip show, but in this case the clip show may be more exciting as you’re not focused on just one target. There’s also the Amazing Race people topping themselves and a remembrance of the My Sister Sam star whose life ended tragically at the hands of a stalker.

Hall of Flame: Top 100 Roast Moments [Comedy Central]
So you like roasts? Comedy Central has kept the Dean Martin tradition alive over the years and now they are showing the best bits. If I was a betting man I’d say that Jeffery Ross and Nikki Glasser are going to be featured in at least a few clips. Just don’t forget it’s all I’m good fun.

Death of Innocence: E! True Hollywood Story  [E!, 10p]
E! brings the story of Rebecca Schaeffer to new audiences (her life and tragic death have been covered by E! True Hollywood Story before) in an obsessed-fan hour, which includes Selena and Christina Grimmie.

Race to the Center of the Earth [Nat Geo, 10p]
While its title is a bit misleading as obviously no one’s going to go to the Earth’s core–the racers are actually en route to the middle of the ocean (but we’re sure Neil DeGrasse Tyson will chime in on this)–this race sounds a tad more amazing than TV’s most famous team travel challenge. It sounds like the three trios on the show are using clues and orienteering methods to locate a buoy in the middle of the ocean. 


  • Neill Rea’s DSS Mike Shepherd returns for a seventh series of The Brokenwood Mysteries. If you don’t know of it, it’s New Zealand’s entry into the Town That Has Way Too Many Murders For Its Size genre (can you hear the Murder She Wrote theme right now too). You can find it on Acorn and for all our snark, its trailer does hint at a touch of David Lynch-style kookiness.
  • For the fans of the Tattoo Shop with Drama genre, we’ve got a primer for the next season of Black Ink Crew: New York coming April 19. The special Black Ink Crew: Confessions–covering all the show’s locations–airs on VH1. It’s paired with the return of the network’s VH1 Couples Retreat.
  • A diabolical lizard cult is at the center of the second season of Vice’s The Devil You Know. The group is uncovered as the show investigates the strange disappearance of Sherry Shriner.
  • Nat Geo’s outdoors adventure program Running Wild with Bear Grylls thrives on its surprising guests, and while it’s hard to top the coolest POTUS around who trolled the country with the Nick Offerman of extreme hiking last year, 76-year-old character actor Danny Trejo is one hell of a get. Also spotted in the trailer are Keagan-Michael Key and (more obvious choice) Terry Crews. One person who will not be on is Gina Carano whose episode was pulled and she knows what she did (even if scores of alt-right bros don’t get it).

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