What To Watch: 03/28/2021

The sprawling series that brought a bunch of people one degree closer to Kevin Bacon returns, and since Ben Affleck is the co-creator you can guess the city in its title. Beyond that, we’ve got the usual cast of Sunday night characters from animation that dominates to dead what walk.

City on a Hill [Showtime, 10p]
A new federal housing project is coming to the Roxbury section of Boston and it’s up to coalition leader Grace Campbell (Pernell Walker) to save the project from falling to gang violence. To make her job harder Kevin Bacon’s FBI agent Jackie Rohr is using the whole thing to further his career. This city on a hill may not be shining.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 9p]
Tonight’s episode, titled, “Y Tu Tina También,” brings Tina an unexpected crush via Spanish-language audio lessons at the library. Boomers these days worry about today’s kids (the Belcher kids would be Gen-Z, if you’re curious) on TikTok, but Tina’s falling in love with–I assume–the voiceover on her audio lessons. (…So that makes Bob and Linda Gen-X.)

The Equalizer [CBS, 8p]
This reboot is hardly prestige television, but five episodes in, it’s proven to be such a fun throwback capturing the weird inspirational grit of the original 1980s series. However, this version has a former Oscar nominee in Queen Latifah as the rogue ex-FBI agent and a strong supporting cast led by the unlikely chemistry of Liza Lapira and Adam Goldberg as her fellow ex-spook pals. This week, our hero needs to even the score for a missing British mathematician.


  • On Zoey, baby, things get crazy, as the titular character of the pop song quoting Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist hopes to get back to where she once belonged with Mitch (get back, Zoey), but is thwarted by her pals trying to get anything they want from their new restaurant. The show moves to Sunday from Tuesday. Sunday, by the way, is the day of the week with the most Billboard hits written about it with 30. Tuesday’s only had five so it’s a smart move.
  • Alongside Bob’s, while neither of the newer Fox animated shows The Great North nor Bless The Harts have new episodes tonight, the old guard remains at their posts. The Simpsons are starting to run out of supporting characters to give their own episode, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still try. This week’s unlikely star is Sarah Wiggum, abiding wife of Springfield’s incompetent police chief. Meanwhile, Lois channels her inner Stewie as she connives to win a coffeeshop customer award on a new episode of Family Guy.
  • Discovery+ continues to show the versatility of its vast cable universe as it builds its streaming empire. Tonight, we have what Metacritic’s round-up editor called a “popeumentary” (love that guy or gal). Either way, the reviews for Francesco have been more brutal than the reign of Pope John XII (ah, papal humor). The service’s other Sunday addition is the evilness porn that is Signs of a Psychopath.
  • We’re a week away from the “Here’s Negan” episode, but this week we have the dissolution of a friendship that dates back to the very first season as Daryl and Carol decide to go their separate ways on AMC’s tentpole, The Walking Dead.
  • On NBC’s Good Girls, the trio’s time in crookland may be nearing an end as special guest Lauren Lapkus’ FBI agent Phoebe is starting to put together the pieces. However, it may also give them a way out of the underworld.
  • We’ll end over on Lifetime as its new movie is Hidden Jewel which is the latest in the VC Andrews Ruby series that the network has been rolling out as if racing an apocalypse where the only prevention is new Ruby movies.

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