What To Watch: 03/26/2021

A Happy Streaming Friday to one and all. I’m not sure why we’ve decided to coin a phrase that sounds like something a coked up Larry Kudlow would shout or a coked up middle-aged office worker would embroider, but here we are. It’s Friday and there’s streaming and there’s a lot of it. There’s streaming that plays off ’90s nostalgia. There’s streaming that’s been shelved for months but has huge stars. There’s streaming from the guy who wrote The Walking Dead. There’s streaming… well, you get the picture, so let’s just start talking about the actual streaming there is.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers [Disney+]
We’re headed back to the Ice Palace! Everyone old is new again on Disney+, and the Mouse’s hockey trilogy is no exception: Emilio Estevez returns as Coach Gordon Bombay in a franchise-revitalizing series. Now that it’s 2021, the Olympics-winning youth hockey team is a cutthroat operation. When a player is cut from the team, he starts his own, with the help of Bombay and his mom, played by beloved Lauren Graham. 

Invincible [Amazon Prime]
A cult fave comic since it was released in 2003, Robert Kirkman’s other (non zombie) masterpiece is coming to Amazon Prime as an animated series. Quite possibly the most relatable superhero since Peter Parker so there should be an automatic appeal plus Oscar nominee Steven Yuen does the voice!

Bad Trip [Netflix]
That this prank show with three big names–Tiffany Haddish, Eric Andre, and Lil Rel Howery–attached to it has sat on the shelf for a long time is not the greatest sign. That it’s a prank show is not a great sign either. That said, I’ll watch anything with Haddish in it, and almost anything with Howery. Eric Andre… is cool.


  • The Holmesiverse gets a new (and supernatural) chapter as the new Netflix episodic The Irregulars focuses on a group of teenagers who report to Dr. Watson, call themselves the Baker Street Irregulars and solve a series of crimes which appear to come from another realm. It has all the quirky gloom you expect from a Sherlock Holmes story and the iconic character–in this case a supporting role–is the very British-ly named Henry Lloyd-Hughes who you’re most likely to know for a recurring role as sensitive bully Mark Donovan on The Inbetweeners.
  • Netflix also unveils a different flavor of spin-off as the latest iteration of the baking show that thrives on epic fails features teams of amateur chefs attempting to recreate ridiculously ornate cakes and pastries in an hour, and ever missing the mark by miles. Most importantly, Nailed It: Double Trouble retains original hosts Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, whose unlikely chemistry is the glue that holds this shaky premise together–we’d like to see a season where Star Bakers from The Great British Bake-Off are given the same challenges and see how well they complete the impossible tasks the Nailed It! crew lay down.
  • Call it Summer Camp Musical” with David Koechner wedged in as the key authority figure, A Week Away acts as both love story and coming-of-age tale set at fictional Camp Weegaway, and–as the trailer hints at but shirks at entirely committing to revealing–its residents break into songs at a Gleeful rate. It is also on Netflix.
  • Very much for the quaint at heart, Cocktails and Tall Tales with Ina Garten & Melissa McCarthy pairs the affable cooking giant with the A-list comedy queen for a friendly two-person salon where refreshments will definitely be served. Also, if you’re heartbroken as we were about the passing of Jessica Walter, we figured it would be soothing to see a picture of a middle-aged woman drinking a day martini. We’ll miss you Lucille 1!
  • We were a bit at a loss to connect the celebration with tonight’s episode of Hulu’s holiday-themed horror movie anthology, but Into The Dark: Blood Moon–given the day and the mention of blood–must be tied to Passover. It seems a thin premise, and the reviews don’t quiet our misgivings.
  • The alien-fish-out-of-water comedy Solar Opposites does not have to say in its trailer that it’s from the makers of Rick & Morty as it’s pretty obvious from its edgy improv-ish joking style and particular brand of animation. It returns for a second season of wackiness on Hulu.

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