What To Watch: 03/24/2021

It’s a good day for documentaries and dystopian versions of comic book towns. Let’s proceed…

The Day Sports Stood Still [HBO, 9p]
As we sit at home, somewhat deluded that we have already defeated COVID and can go about our business, it’s not the worst day to remember the moment that–for many Americans–drove home just how serious this virus was. It’s a year ago today that multiple sports halted their seasons and it became clear that 2020 was going to be a year unlike any other. HBO remembers and pays tribute to the decision in one of its trademark documentaries, including an interview with Rudy Gobert, famous basketball player and unfortunately timed microphone licker.

The Con [ABC, 10p]
“The Wine Con” uncovers Rudy Kurniawan, a man who conned wine collectors out of expensive bottles of wine. Sounds fine, to us. His undoing was at the behest of Bill Koch, which frankly sounds like a shame.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Smells like… school spirit? Archie and Veronica try to boost school spirit after a few losses by the football team. Come on we know those vixens can get school going. What could go wrong? Everything? This is the town of Riverdale after all


  • And the little tiny shrimp just go everywhere. It’s been a day of weirder associations with shrampies than the fever dreams of Eleanor Shellstrop. Adding to that is the phrase “you’ve heard of blood diamonds, well, these are blood shrimp” uttered in the trailer by one of the subjects of the daring HBO documentary Seaspiracy which takes on the excesses abd horrors of the fishing industry–while revealing the lengths that certain concerns will go to in order to retain the status quo.
  • In February, singer/songwriter Adrian Younge released the podcast “Invisible Blackness” as well as the critically heralded record The American Negro. Here in March, he adds a third installment to his fight against systemic racism with the short film T.A.N., debuting on Amazon Prime today.
  • For all the scientific scoop Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye don’t get to, there’s Science Channel’s How the Universe Works, which starts its ninth season today.
  • For fans of cold served revenge, Netflix drops the first season of Who Killed Sara?, a thriller about a convict played by Manolo Cardona whose release from prison begins a hunt for the people who actually killed his wife and to clear his name. But of course the conspiracy runs deeper than anyone can imagine. It’s actually getting pretty good reviews.

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