What To Watch: 03/22/2021

A perhaps too on-kilter show featuring Martin Freeman returns, a Scandinavian series about hockey but also about more than hockey wraps it up for the year, and PBS keeps digging for truth with the latest featured doc, this one about racism within the world of algorithms. Enjoy some TV tonight, why not?

Breeders [FX, 10p]
This FX dramedy (are we still calling shows that?) about a British nuclear family trying to stay together through stressful times has never seemed ultra-appealing. However, by the Martin Freeman-Michael Sheen rule–the notion that nothing including either of these ever-affably-flustered UK actors can be entirely bad–since Freeman is the male lead, we should all give this at least a fair shake. To be fair, there are a couple earcatching lines in the second season trailer (especially a crack about Roald Dahl), so I’ll give it a shot as it starts its second season with a double-shot tonight.

Beartown [HBO, 9p]
The miniseries comes to it’s conclusion, with a “shocking” (perhaps satisfying?) confrontation between Maya and Kevin. It’s always Kevin we need to talk about, isn’t it.

Independent Lens: Coded Bias [PBS, 10p]
Ever feel like you’re being watched? These days it’s very likely that you are. The newest independent lens doc examines the racial biases inherent in facial recognition software. Come on we all know that those damn cameras are racist. This doc shows why.


  • In the critically-acclaimed Israeli drama, The Attache, Tel Aviv resident Annabelle lands a diplomatic job in Paris, bringing along her Israeli-Moroccan husband and their son. More drama than intrigue, the moody series asks us to examine what makes us who we are as the transplants deal with feeling othered in another land.
  • Netflix’s latest import hails from South Korea–as many a Netflix import do. Navillera tells a unique tale, that of a ballet prodigy who just in his early 20s, feels as if his dream has run its course, but is surprised by the appearance of a 70-year-old student who wants guidance to follow his own ballet aspirations.
  • Speaking of inspirational, Fuse’s newest addition is Shine True–a celebration of the contributions of trans and non-gender conforming people. The first episode highlights young non-binary painter find their voice.
  • Jason apologizes for his ambivalent recommendation of the 2021 March Madness as its odd year has brought about one of the strangest, most compelling, most upset-happy tournaments in years, and perhaps ever. We already have the second 15-seed in history to make the Sweet 16. That it’s a college founded and named after a right-wing kook is unfortunate, but if it reminds us of the existence of ’90s alt-hip-hop artist MC 900 Foot Jesus (essentially Beck before there was Beck), well, that’s a fringe benefit. There’s also Loyola-Chicago and their 101-year-old nun fan and scrappy lil Abilene Christian and Brad’s alma mater Ohio tearing it up above their station. Seriously, it’s been a fun year. It’s on CBS, TNT, TBS, sometimes TruTV.
  • Once strictly annual, TV seasons now can go almost as fast as the real seasons. At the start of Winter 2020, MTV served up the debut of Deliciousness, a spin-off of sorts of Ridiculousness, but the found videos are food-based. Here we are three days into Spring 2021 and the station formerly known as Music Television has already queued up its second season, starting tonight.
  • Since there’s no Lifetime or Hallmark movie (or UP equivalent), we’ll end this day with obscure American culture gawker porn. And who does that better than TLC. Tonight, we have the return of fan favorites Return To Amish and Seeking Sister Wife, for all you reverse Cletuses out there.

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