What To Watch: 03/21/2021

Tonight we are reminded what respect meant to the Queen of Soul as she tried to break from the chain of fools while still feeling like a natural woman even while going riding on the freeway of love, wind against her back. One of the premier bio-anthologies looks into the life of Aretha Franklin. Another icon returns as an early incarnation of the time traveller who has been appearing on sets almost continuously hits the air in animated form. It’s a busy Sunday complete with a full slate of beloved Sunday programming both old and new.

Genius: Aretha [Nat Geo, 8p]
Nat Geo’s anthology series is one of two Aretha Franklin projects coming out this year. The third installment of Genius stars Cynthia Erivo (Harriet) and delves into the untold story of the Queen of Soul. We’ll get a glimpse of her coming-of-age years, her activism and her becoming a star. Extra points for Erivo performing a big chunk of Aretha’s hits.

Doctor Who: Fury From the Deep [BBC America, 6p]
Many early recordings of the BBC’s most well-travelled character have sadly gone missing. Thankfully, audio tracks still exist and the BBC has come up with a clever way to bring us some lost episodes from Second Doctor Peter Troughton’s run by matching said tracks with animation. It looks undeniably cool if a tad Scooby-Doo.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
So I’ve accepted that what these last batch of season 10 episodes are going to be character studies and not the nonstop zombie stomping episodes that we’ve gotten in the past. I’m ok with that. This week Princess gets captured by the mysterious storm trooper looking guys. Those goons are associated with the group that took Rick.. so.. maybe we will get some clues?

The Great North [Fox, 8:30p]
The local paper prints a story involving Beef, which can’t possibly go over well with the man Ron Swanson inspired to be. (Don’t you think Ron would have preferred solitude in remote Alaska?)


  • The latest in the mistakes of the past meet current investigations genre of police drama, The Gloaming comes to us from Australia, landing on Starz. Eccentric detective Molly McGee (Emma Booth) is forced to team up with two decades estranged friend Alex O’Connell (Ewen Leslie) when a recent murder reveals clear ties to a cold case, presumably one which has haunted the pair.
  • We all kind of knew a good portion of our country was crazy and/or dumb, then November 2016 happened and we found out the amount of angry stupid people out there was enough to put local sociopath Donald Trump within 3 million votes of Hillary Clinton which becuse of the crazy, dumb way our election rules are set up meant he got to be President for four years. Thankfully, we’ve shook free of all that nonsense, but left behind is the bizarre mythology which has soiled the good name of the 17th letter. HBO looks into Q Anon, its wacky claims of celebrity cannibalism and its continued hold over the GOP (even if many claim to have never heard of it) in the documentary Q: Into The Storm.
  • TV One’s twin Un- shows (The UnUniverse?) highlighting the personalities of famous people return as they look into talents flying under the radar in Unsung (starting with Prince pal and Time keader Morris Day) and at stars getting real on Uncensored (in this case looking at New Jack Swing uber-producer and Guy leader).
  • What’s that sound–it’s this feature getting sucked into the LHV, the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex where there is a relative abundance. On Lifetime, we’ve got the positively elegant sounding Pearl in the Mist, and you may be saying, hey Scholars, don’t you know that’s part of the VC Andrews Ruby series? First, why are you being so aggressive, reader? Second, yes, it is the second book. It just gets worse and worse for Ruby who is sent to boarding school where she is continually embarrassed, especially by cruel headmaster Mrs. Ironside. Intrigue abounds over at Hallmark Movies, where Amy & Travis try to elude a serial killer while trying to find said psychopath’s connection to their case at hand on Mystery 101: Killer Timing.

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