What To Watch: 03/18/2021

Throughout history the battle between nerds and jocks has raged on–and so it is on TV as well. Tonight, both jocks and nerds can feast as we find major events for both communities in a major DC movie that might right some editing wrongs and a sports tournament that is all the more awaited given it was cancelled by COVID last year–and let’s be real, many jocks are excited about Zack Snyder’s cut and there are plenty nerds who are more interested in the NCAA’s March Madness (or else it probably would not be a pick on our page). Without further ado, the marquis events…

Zach Snyder’s Justice League [HBO Max]
It’s here! The wait is over! The fan driven demand for the Snyder Cut has now bore fruit. 4 hours long! More joker! Darkseid! So far the buzz is pretty good from critics and fans. This isn’t just a movie release it’s an event. Prepare for the internet to be broken.

NCAA March Madness [TBS and many other places]
While basketball is far from my number one sport to watch, this is the only post-season rounds that excite me even if my team is not in it–and my mid-major college actually has made it regularly the last few years and even won a couple games, but they lost in their conference championship this year to Ohio, who are a good upset pick, btw. Tonight, it’s the play-in games: four matches of number 11 and number 16 seeds battling to be on the final bracket. I’ll be watching Wichita St. vs. Drake for sure.


  • The latest in a new subgenre–true crime documentary filmed by victim’s relative–this one kicks it up a notch as director Paul Lima has vowed to hunt down the man who was convicted of killing his father, but who has remained free in Honduras. In After the Murder of Albert Lima, the son goes to the extreme measure of hiring bounty hunters and chasing down his life’s greatest villain. Word is it’s both intense and darkly comical. It’s on Crackle.
  • On the lightly comical side, noted apolitical comic Nate Bargatze gets his latest in a string of Netflix specials with the aptly titled Nate Bargatze: The Greatest Average American. Snide snark aside, the affable Nashville native is one of the funniest stand-ups working, and if you like Brian Regan or Jim Gaffigan, you’ll probably love him.
  • Going south one state to the Peach State, rapper Waka Flocka Flame had a bunch of hits in the ’10s (including “No Hands“) and one of the better debut LP titles ever in Flockaveli. His relationship reality show (with his wife) also has a pretty cool name. Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka returns for a second season. 2016 was ao crazy, we somehow forgot he ran for President with running mate wrestler and boy of nature Ric Flair. What a world!
  • There’s a lot of unreal reality on tonight’s line-up, and E! has an alcohol-themed spinoff where Lisa Vanderpump can escape the rules on Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump (we’re guessing she’s known as a lush). It’s paired thoughtfully with the grandpappy of affluent family reality Keeping Up with the Kardashians which comes back for a… oh dear God… 20th season. They’ve promised this is the last season for the extended family of heiresses, models, influencers, former Olympic medalists, DJs, basketballers, and mid-mental breakdown rappers, and we’re just dying to see how they decide to end it.
  • Speaking of fashion and horror, Shudder’s latest gorefest sounds fun–and looks redolent of the quirky 1980s works of the late Larry Cohen who made Q the Winged Serpent and The Stuff. Slaxx reminds us of the latter as its dark satire talons take aim at tearing apart rampant consumerism as a sentient pair of jeans terrorizes teens and middle managers.
  • Brazilian comedy Get the Goat has similar madcap action, but its in the service of a keystone cops type of script. It’s on Netflix and could be awful or quirkily clever in a Hot Fuzz type of way (in which bumbling cops did chase a runaway goose at one point).
  • Let’s end this all by crashing headfirst into the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex where the action is all on the Lifetime Movie Network where debuts Deep Blue Nightmare which we’re gonna take a gander that a busy pillow executive is sent to her hometown on business only to run into her high school crush, a chess playing supercomputer who may or may not be ready to settle down with the right woman. OR click on the title to read the actual plot which is even more insane than our silly conjecture.

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