What To Watch: 03/17/2021

Today’s a bit top heavy, with one particularly intriguing new piece of content–Netflix’s look into the greatest (and weirdest) non-Trump related scandal of 2019 as a bunch of celebrities were caught paying money to falsify their children’s activities (including photoshopping them into crew pictures) to get them into colleges for which they didn’t qualify. Also, Syfy ups its animation game and that Archie & Jughead Murder Show just keeps quirkily truckin’ along.

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal [Netflix]
I love a con! This Netflix doc follows the admissions scandal that landed a bunch of rich people in prison.

The Pole/The Summoner [Syfy, 11:15p]
Syfy hits us with a pair of new raw & quirky animated series in the Adult Swim style, both of which are flying under the radar in spite of a great cast for the first and impressive credentials for the second. The Pole imagines a lewd, foul-mouthed Kris Kringle on the 364-365 non-Christmas days of the year, and features the vocal talents of Bobby Moynihan, Jillian Bell, Nicole Byer, Sasheer Zamata, and Timothy Simons among others. The Summoner concerns a man whose new roommate has magical powers, and it’s produced by Seth Green and the rest of the Robot Chicken team.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
So word is that there is a big announcement that will force characters to reassess their lives. Well given the time jump and the chaos of reopening the schools that can be a pretty important part of this season of Riverdale. Or it could just be the moth man showing up just to say hi. Well I guess we will find out soon enough.


  • Music’s premiere awards show pays tribute to the activist side of songwriting with A Grammy Salute to the Sounds of Change, a concert featuring Gladys Knight, LeAnn Rimes, and others play songs like… well, in true Grammys fashion, they are pointlessly holding that close to the vest, but there is an image of Neil Young in the ad and he’s not listed in the performers so maybe an old and/or southern man will come into play. Oh, and we saw mention of Johns Lennon & Prine. Common hosts.
  • While we love the name of the podiatrically minded My Feet Are Killing Me: Footnotes, we’re a bit squeamish and we’ll give it the boot.
  • Netflix’s latest docuseries, Under Suspicion, looks deep into the 2013 Belgian scandal involving politician Bernard Westphael, accused of killing his wife.

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