What To Watch: 03/15/2021

With Nas winning a Grammy, we now live in a slightly more sane world. The prior year’s winner for Best Rap Album is the subject of an in-depth bio–one which she is not entirely on board for–but it should still be a fun story. Netflix is their usual busy self, and it’s a solid night of new supernaturally tinged dramas, featuring trains, lightning, and alien beings.

Zero Chill [Netflix]
It’s like The Cutting Edge (a movie with “so much” profanity and sexual tension that my parents banned me from PG-rated movies for years) but for tweens! Kayla is a superstar figure skater living in her brother’s shadow. Her brother Mac is a superstar hockey player. They are dedicated but “poles apart.” I don’t know if they’ll pair up on the ice, but they should!

E! True Hollywood Story: Cardi B [E!, 10p]
The E! docuseries kicks off its second season with none other than Cardi B. It will delve into the artist’s rags to riches story from the Bronx to Hollywood, which seems like an interesting and sometimes wild ride. I’m super excited except then I read that Cardi B. didn’t agree to do the docuseries and wasn’t even consulted for it soooo not sure what to make of that. After the disaster that was the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic, I tend to steer clear of projects that don’t include the actual artist or their estate, but maybe a docuseries will be different? We shall see tonight.

Debris [NBC, 10p]
This show just keeps getting… weirder. And that could be a good thing. It still feels novel and fresh. The third episode drops tonight. Our heroes investigate a strange square that has appeared in a field. Trust me it’s more interesting than it seems. Que Also sprach Zarathustra


  • For the third season of Bulletproof, the CW’s only import moves the action from the UK to South Africa as what should be a time for Bishop and Pike to relax turns (of course) into drama as they are drawn into investigating a kidnapping.
  • The mind-bogging 22nd season of A&E’s Intervention starts with the case of Susan, who like so many others in this country was prescribed painkillers and moved onto heroin.
  • The new Netflix doc The Lost Pirate Kingdom takes a different tack on the plunderers of yore, focusing on the surprisingly forward-looking societies that the seafarers made. But, yes, they also look at the bling bling.
  • If you’re a fan of moody and/or gloomy British procedurals, you know the above picture’s corresponding show is brought to you by the Acorn streaming service. Bloodlands features James Nesbitt, known for Murphy’s Law and The Missing as DCI Tom Brannick whose investigation of a cold case set of murders is coloured by the fact his wife was one of the killer’s victims. Nesbitt is quite good at being sad.
  • As we said in the preamble, it’s a great night for supernatural dramas. On TNT’s Snowpiercer, Layton finds an unlikely ally to treat the train’s engine to a spa day, while on the CW’s Black Lightning, Jefferson keeps on spiraling.
  • Tell-all gossipfests spanning the multiple cities of a reality franchise are all the rage and the tattoo program based in Chicago and Compton is no diffferent. Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked debuts on VH1 tonight.

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