What To Watch: 03/14/2021

It’s a day of trophies both tangible and in the form of admission to sports’ most exciting tournament. It’s squeaky-voiced teen and Jason’s least favorite award night, The Grammys. A few hours earlier 68 colleges’ names will be paired with numbers from 1 through 16 which will let us know who’s playing who on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
We got the origin story of Daryl’s dog which is cool and all and Leah will give Carol a run for her money when it comes to winning Daryl’s heart. But we all want to know what Maggie’s next move now that Negan is free. Let’s hope we see what happens in this week’s episode.

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 9p]
A Gene scorned is a Gene… well, I wouldn’t want to know. Actually, it sounds like it could make for a hilarious episode of one of the funniest shows on television. Linda and Tina go to the shoe store and leave Gene home alone. The B-story finds Bob and Louise (with Teddy along of course) on a quest to purchase restaurant equipment off the internet


  • So, how many awards will the boys above win as Trevor Noah hosts the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards are handed out on CBS.
  • After months of weekends of music half-hour bios, Reelz continues to try to find itself as it told a TV show’s story on Saturday and tonight, it’s telling tales about one of cinema’s all-time stars with Marilyn, Misunderstood.
  • Mmmmm, the “Big Kahuna” episode of Good Girls, been meaning to watch this, but the girlfriend’s vegetarian which means we’re vegetarian, so… where were we. The three-woman rhumba of heist shows airs the episode “Big Kahuna” where Stan and Ruby are wracked by guilt while Annie tries to keep up with the Joneses (oh, and Dean’s being Dean).
  • Well, look at Lifetime, moving up in the world (or at least in our round-ups). One of its classiest recurring programs returns with The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con. On this one, Aurora and Nick (her fiance), try to solve the murder of her mom’s client.
  • UpTV is actually closer to the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex tonight as it airs The Charm of Love, which we’re guessing has something to do with a maker of sentimental jewelry who has given up on love… until she runs into her high school crush who is now a ruggedly handsome, oh, let’s say lumberjack. Ah, we’re close: she’s an artifact hunter, he’s a handsome hotelier she meets on a dig.

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