What To Watch: 03/12/2021

There’s spirits in the house as Streaming Friday[TM] brings us a bevy of new stuff to watch, led by a Chilean mini-series about arguably the country’s greatest living author. We’ve also got your nostalgia indulgence, your behind-the-vision Marvel indulgence, your dystopian future romance indulgence. So, we guess what we’re saying is watchers, go on out there and indulge.

Isabel [HBO Max]
HBO is airing the three-part miniseries from Chile’s MEGAMEDIA TV, which follows the life of acclaimed author Isabel Allende. Hopefully it’s not dubbed like Possessions.

Kid 90 [Hulu]
Once upon a time there was a world without social media, where kids could be kids and our favorite stars could have personal moments that weren’t public. Luckily, Soleil Moon Frye was there to document it all for us. We’ve heard the rumors about what it’s like to be a child actor in Hollywood, but now we can actually see first-hand what coming of age meant to our fave 90s stars like David Austin Green, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, David Arquette, Jenny Lewis and more. There was a lot more going on than their Teen Beat covers would have us believe!

The One [Netflix]
One of two new Netflix series dropping today exploring the idea of whether technology can detect soulmates, this British series centers on a woman (played by Boss‘ Hannah Ware) who has developed a controversial product which detects romantic compatability using hints from people’s DNA. While reviews are mostly meh, most suggest that, although frustrating, it could be a gripping binge.

Assembled: The Making of WandaVision [Disney+]
If you haven’t at least heard of WandaVision by now why are you on this website? Seriously though, the show has been a huge cultural touchstone this year. Now we can go behind the scenes to see how the magic happened with this hour-long featurette. If you liked Disney+’s The Mandalorian behind the scene shows then this should be right up your alley. At the very least it will help you pass the time until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuts next week


  • The latest from the versatile Russo Brothers (they’ve had their hands in everything from Community to Avengers:Endgame) takes a new angle on the recovering veteran story. Based on the trailer for Cherry, the main character–an ex-soldier turned bank robber–may be unstuck in time in a Billy Pilgrim manner. Gotta say, the screamo-folk cover of Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” by Yungblud strikes one hell of a tone.
  • The profane blue line lives on for a third season on Netflix, as even a nuclear blast can’t slow the population of Paradise PD down. Expect the usual amount of nakedness, scatalogical humor, “edgy” jokes, and general grotesquerie.
  • A mysterious orphan named Ali wanders into the life of Mehmet, a somewhat aimless man who is nevertheless beloved in his Istanbut area for his kind heart and able running of the waste management facility, in the brooding Turkish drama Paper Lives, new on Netflix.
  • We’re down to eight queens on the 13th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Jason will surely have something to say about that around 7pm. Here’s his take from last week.
  • In what looks like a light, but harmlessly fun, romp, beleaguered parents Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez allow their children to call a day’s shots in the new Netflix comedy Yes Day. Come hear Garner give life to great dialogue like “that’s nope on a rope.”
  • Love Alarm adds technology–and at least a negligible amount of dystopia–to the standard love triangle. The new-to-Netflix South Korean series asks whether our lead Kim jo-jo should follow her heart or a Tinder-esque app–one which may or may not be supernatural–which tells them of good matches.
  • Prime’s newest sports docu-series Making Their Mark looks like Hard Knocks on… well, let’s not make light of a real problem and just say this looks intense (or at least Guy Ritchie-esque in pacing)! The Australian series takes a deeper look inside six Australian Rules Football teams as they navigate a season disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • From what we can gather online, LMN’s offering tonight, An Organized Killer was not intended to be a Lifetime movie even if it does seem to have every trope of a Lifetime film thrown into a blender: problematic romance, single mom with teenage daughter, dangerous stalker-y ex, struggling new business, new female friend with possibly creepy intentions. Allison McAtee is recently-divorced mom Grace (wow, even the name is so, so Lifetime), whose struggles opening a new restaurant convince her to hire personal organizer Lilith. I’d say Lilith is not who she seems, but unlike many Lifetime movies, there’s a Poirot mystery’s worth of likely villains.

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