What To Watch: 03/11/2021

This Thursday’s programming cannot be readily tied together with any theme, so let’s just start with Shonda Rhimes’ decision to make her two programs one narrative apparently. We’ve also got thrillers, animation, office comedy, and a wonderfully named horror film that sounds quite awful.

Cold Courage [AMC+]
A thriller that’s part crime, part political, and looks to be part revenge fantasy, this British series centers on two Finnish nationals who become part of an organization after a brutal crime goes unsolved–meanwhile far right politics bubble to the surface all around. Based on a Pekka Hiltunen novel, AMC+ gives you the first three episodes today, then an episode a week. If it’s not too jumbled, it could be a gripping watch.

Cake [FXX, 10p]
FXX’s quirky animated shorts show is back for a 4th season. Now it’s no Liquid TV, but it does a do a good job at capturing millennial angst and longing. Oh, and it’s funny too. Is it the spirit of the age? No, but it does have its insights.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
Matteo tries to hide his relationship with Eric when Jeff visits the store to push customer satisfaction surveys. Why would you push surveys in a pandemic, Jeff? Everyone loses!


  • With elements of Skins, Euphoria and the 1995 movie Kids, Generation, HBO Max’s new sex-happy series takes place at a very, um, active high school. Martha Plimpton is one of the adults, so that’s cool.
  • ABC returns its Thursday night line-up, starting with its longest running scripted show (sixth overall), Grey’s Anatomy as we are about a quarter of the way through season 17. This week’s episode is a crossover episode with its spin-off Station 19 as both teams battle a sex trafficker. Meanwhile, the characters of A Million Little Pieces come face-to-face with the horrors of the current pandemic as they lose a friend.
  • From the Netflix foreign imports file, the French flick Coven of Sisters goes all the way back to the 17th Century Basque community for a witch trial where the accused seek revenge.
  • Tonight’s greatest title–and truly perhaps the greatest of this year if not all time–comes from Shudder’s latest horrorfest, Stay Out of the Fucking Attic. What’s it about? Does it matter? Well, since you didn’t ask, three ex-cons form a moving company and find themselves working in a spooky house whose owner has a dark secret. The reviews are… well, fucking terrible, actually.
  • Speaking of terrible reviews, we’d like to take the time to remind you that Fox’s American Miranda, Call Me Kat isn’t as bad as it’s been cracked up to be, and Mayim Bialik does a decent job of bringing stateside Miranda Hart’s awkward heroine. It never goes quite far enough, and there needs to be more cats in the cafe, but it’s got Winston (well, Lamorne Morris) as a supporting character’s love interest (who features in this week’s episode), and it’s worth watching just for the goodbye waves that they carried over from the original.
  • We’ll end this round-up with the return of Food Network’s Dinner: Impossible probably because we’re hungry as we write this. The Robert Irvine-hosted show returns for a ninth season.

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