What To Watch: 03/09/2021

Our first two recommendations are both documentary specials that tell multiple stories to reveal great struggles in the world–in one case, the often unnecessarily painful life of professional wrestlers, and in the other, the pandemic we’re all suffering through now, but focused on one of the first cities to truly bear the brunt of COVID. Also, it’s a superhero night on the CW.

COVID Diaries NYC [HBO, 9p]
In week 51 of the pandemic, HBO presents a 45-minute documentary featuring five young filmmakers (aged 17 to 21) and their take on the last year.

Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential [Viceland, 9p]
While never a wrestling superfan, I’ve definitely been wowed by some of its great moments as entertainment, but also drawn to the often sad stories of the men and women behind the sport that cannot legally call itself a sport. This Viceland series has been exposing some of the tales of wrestlers after the glitter fades, and this special takes a deeper dive into the bios which have most struck a chord with viewers.¬†

Superman & Lois [The CW, 9p]
Last week, Clark took Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude to help him grasp his heritage and developing power. Lois got a new job at the Smallville Gazette. This week, Clark will share more of Krypton with both of his sons while Lois will continue to investigate Morgan Edge. Both grounded and comic booky (trust me that is a good thing) this is the Superman and Lois we deserve.


  • The other superhero on The CW line-up comes from the title character of The Flash which adds a fun little gimmick as Barry finds he cannot only be fleet of foot but also swift of brain as he’s suddenly able to also bend time as he’s standing still. That clinches it, we’ll take his powers if yr asking.
  • Call it an unscripted Quincy set today but in German and without any crimes to solve through forensic means, by which we’re saying there is a houseboat on the new Netflix docu-series The Houseboat. It belonged to German singer Gunter Gabriel and a pair of experts are trying to repair it.
  • Discovery+ continues to build the content with new additions today coming from Moonshiners: Smoke Ring showcasing a different passion of one of the original show’s hardest-of-the-hard liquors runners. Stephen Ray Tickle, with “Hogfather” Tank Jackson, highlight the BBQ of pitmasters from around the South. On the other end of the Discovery+ spectrum, there’s Unraveled: The Real Story of the Long Island Serial Killer which digs deep into the story of a murderer who was active for almost 20 years until either 2010 or 2013, but has never been caught–or at least ID’d as chances are (s)he’s either dead or in prison.
  • The makers of Greenleaf bring us OWN’s new procedural Delilah, on which its title character seeks justice for those wronged. So do we, but since Delilah’s a lawyer–and a fictional character–she’ll probably be a tad better at it than we are.

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