What To Watch: 03/08/2021

It’s the opposite of a manic Monday as there’s not really any big (or even medium) ticket debuts or returns–the week builds to some major titles, but for now, we’re still on Monday, the day we can’t trust, the day when paired with Rainy Days always gets us down. There are a few decent dramas with new episodes, so that’s where we’ll start.

Snowpiercer [TNT, 9p]
It’s Murder on the Snowpiercer Express as Layton and Till have to put on their Poirot hats to solve the killings that have plagued the train. This show is well-written, is based on a terrific movie and has friggin’ Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connolly. More people should be watching. 

Debris [NBC, 10p]
This new network sci-fi thinker had a strong debut last week and this week we continue down the rabbit hole. I’d list the questions I have after episode one but I’d be here all day. My advice is to let the mystery reveal itself. It’s a fun ride!


  • “Begum” (best we can research) is a term bestowed on women signifying respect–kind of a relative of “queen,” but a combo of the conventional and current venacular meanings. Bombay Begums, a new Indian anthology on Netflix, tells stories about powerful women. It’s a big day for Bombay on Netflix as Bombay Rose, an animated rom-com with Bollywood touches, also drops today.
  • Ty Pennington (who else) hosts a competition where a bunch of house-flipping and real estate experts judge the all-around renovation skills of four contestants as the popular HGTV show Rock The Block returns for a second season.
  • Black Lightning has a new mission to take his mind off things on the latest episode of The Good Doctor. Oh, wait, misread–that’s on The CW’s Black Lightning. OK, that makes more sense. There will also be another episode of The Good Doctor on ABC where presumably the titlular good doctor does some… good doctoring?
  • John Walsh continues his crime solving ways with a special episode of his ID show In Pursuit: Missing Persons which highlights multiple stories of disappearances. Web of Lies also returns, but this time on streaming service Discovery+.

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