What To Watch: 03/07/2021

It’s one of those rare nights when all of our recommendations are from traditional appointment TV. Our main source of excitement comes from the return of one of the most satisfying heist shows outside of Spain, as Retta, Meg, and Christina return with all the entangled webs that entails. We’ve also got the first featured Simpsons episode (we think) for a classic character who has been gawking at pointy haired girls since season 5. Also, dead ain’t gonna walk themselves (well, we guess they are and that’s the whole point of the show).

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
Good Girls returns for season four tonight, and Beth and Rio are getting into the hot tub business, and a love triangle, together. Brings new meaning to laundering money.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Will Maggie confront Negan? Will Judith help Hershel adjust? Who is Pope? Are the Reapers as dangerous as they sound? OK, so that’s probably an easy “yes.” The extended season ten of walking dead marches on. Don’t listen to the haters–a decade in and the show still has legs.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Some folks’ll never front a show, but then again some folks’ll, like Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel. What back in 1994 was supposed to be a one-off character for a meta-joke has become one of the longest-running show’s most beloved running gags. It’s possible Cletus has anchored an episode somewhere in the 600 or so episodes since, but either way, it’ll be exciting to see him as a singing star, even if we have to apply “Simpsons did it” to the show itself. 


  • It’s a big episode of TWD for Norman Reedus as his relationship with Carol is front-and-center. Sunday night is also a big night for the celebration of his other passion, motorcycles as Ride with Norman Reedus returns on AMC for a fifth season.
  • It’s also a good night for the rest of Fox’s Animation Domination. On The Great North, Judy’s love of curling turns out to be a dangerous obsession, while the Belchers go to a flea market on a Bob’s Burgers episode with the breathtaking name of “An In-Con-Wheelie-Ent Truth,” and tonight on Family Guy… aw, who cares.
  • It’s been a pretty good year for Diggses, what with Stefon leading the NFL in receiving, and Taye (unrelated) returns to the stage to dole out awards that have been voted on by those who cannot do, The Critics Choice Awards on The CW.
  • When we last saw Pennyworth in December, the big reveal came Gus Fring-style as Lucius Fox is seen scoping out young Alfred. The back half of the second season returns today on Epix.
  • Vice prides itself for its news coverage’s death-defying edginess–as perfectly parodied with the help of Jack Black in the second season of Documentary Now. Peep the dizzyingly quick cut trailer for its latest season for just a few seconds and it’s clear that they are not backing down from that. It’s on Showtime.
  • If you want to play a game, but don’t have time for either Tic-Tac-Toe or Global Thermonuclear War, there’s many options on tonight. Perhaps the biggest trivia game show of the last quarter century, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire returns on its usual home, ABC. NBC counters with Ellen’s Game of Games where DeGeneres’ collection of contests moves to its new night, at least for this week. Finally, over on the Food Network, there’s the Tournament of Champions, hosted by everyone’s favorite whipping b… we mean Guy, Fieri.
  • TV royalty interviews possibly-soon-to-be-former royalty as Oprah Winfrey welcomes the most recognizable alumni of the show Suits and her ginger husband to talk about their break with a certain family. Oprah with Meghan and Harry will give the couple a chance to explain the story that spans the interests of readers of the NY Times and the National Enquirer.
  • ESPN celebrates one of the first animals to be herded by humans, an animal that can learn and respond to its name, with GOATs: The Greatest of All Time. Wait, what? It’s about athletes. Ok, that makes more sense.
  • We’ll wrap this up in the manner that most suits us. Staring deep into the glorious abyss that is the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex! We’ve got a veritable parade of such programming, starting on Lifetime itself where the new movie Desperate Widows–a documentary about spiders and the drag queen Von Du… or a thriller about a woman whose husband’s demise means she’s the only parent left to protect her daughter from the human trafficking ring run by the commune where the pair sought protection. Over on Up, a classic sitcom trope is given full rom-com treatment as Callie, pressured to bring a date to the 35th birthday dinner her parents are planning, taps a ringer to play her boyfriend–you can surely guess where My Birthday Romance is going. Ok, it’s a two-show parade.

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