What To Watch: 03/05/2021

With a team of movie obsessives in our 30s and 40s, how could we recommend anything but the decades-in-the-making sequel to one of the key movies of our childhood… well, except when you remember tonight is also the season finale of 2021’s greatest television revelation. Nerd out, our fellow nerdlingers, as we’re going to need 100 tacos to provide adequate sustenance for our TV marathon tonight.

Coming 2 America [Amazon Prime]
More reunions! This time, the cast of Coming to America is back. We last left off at Prince Hakeem’s royal wedding in Zamunda. Now, over 30 years later we get a glimpse of what life is like for the long-time couple when Akeem finds out he has a long-lost son. Back to America he goes in search of his son and to reconnect with some of our favorite characters. I’m just here for all the barber shop scenes.

Coming 2 America [Amazon Prime]
For a whole year after this movie came out, over half my references in high school were quotes from this film. And now here I am in my 40s, absolutely giddy to go back for more stories of the most famous Zamundans and watch Murphy and Hall’s endless chemistry in new comic misadventures in America–this time instead of looking for his queen (in Queens, of course), he wants to connect with his son. I’m girded that it can’t live up to my absurdly high expectations, but regardless it will be fun to see the team ride again.

Coming 2 America [Amazon Prime]
Eddie Murphy, it’s nice to have you back! And it’s even better that you have brought a Coming To America sequel. Let’s face it, if you too old to use tick Tok but too young to get vaccinated you will be watching this movie this weekend. I have purposely not looked up reviews, so I’m going in optimistic. Now excuse me I’m going to McDowell’s for a Big Mick.


WandaVision [Disney+]
The first season of this remarkable series is coming to a close! The season (or series?) finale will find witch fighting witch and vision fighting vision. It’s been a cultural sensation for sure and the finale will most likely raise more questions than it answers. One thing is for sure, the future of the MCU starts here


  • With Wynonna Earp, you’re either a devoted fan (we’ll call you Earpies) or you’re likely surprised to hear this Wild West show with supernatural and vaguely steampunk touches is still plugging right along. It returns on Syfy for the second half of its fourth season as Waverly and Nicole are all excited about their engagement.
  • Over the past few months, Reelz has seemed to be re-branding themselves as a music biography network–step 2: ??????, step 3: profit(?)–so their latest Friday bio is Warren Jeffs: Cult of Personality kind of threw us for a loop, but maybe the network execs think the cult-leading polygamist played bass in Living Colour.
  • Netflix offers up a pair of foreign imports: Dogwashers, directed by Carlos Moreno comes from Colombia and tells the darkly comic tale of Don Oscar, a one-time capo de tutti capo who has seen his empire crumble, but gets to see some fun farcical moments on his way out. Sentinelle hails from France and features Olga Kurylenko as Karla, a mercenary who sets out to avenge her sister, presumably using a specific set of skills.
  • These days movies with Mel Gibson should really carry a label everywhere they’re advertised stating that Mel Gibson is in said film. The premise behind the Hulu original Boss Level is intriguing: Frank Grillo is an ex-mercenary who finds himself Groundhog Day‘d (or more accurately Edge of Tomorrow‘d), living the same day over and over. The worst thing is that it’s a day where he is stalked by assassins and ultimately killed every time. Well, the worst thing is really that Mel “Sugartits” Gibson is in a film we’d otherwise be excited to watch.
  • Spain gets in on the true crime docu-series game with Nevenka: Breaking the Silence about a Nevenka Fernandez’ who when she was treasury councilor for Ponferrada was sexually harassed by her boss, the mayor of the city. This 3-part series documents her courageous fight for justice.
  • Let’s wrap this collection of Friday night viewing with a brief journey into the heart of the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex) where the Lifetime Movie Network is debuting Dangerous Medicine, which is either the story of the seriously delirious affairs and fine and dandy subtrefuge that took place behind-the-scenes of the filming of the famous “we’re not candy” PSA or about a man who loses his legs in a car accident only to be stalked by an obsessed physical therapist. We have to say in this case, our made up story sounds more credible. Even its supposed Lifetime page gave up somewhere along the line, but it does give us the amazing trivia that the movie was originally titled Trapped By My Caregiver.

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