What To Watch: 03/03/2021

Attach Amy Poehler’s name to anything and you’ll get us to watch. Beyond her mastery of SNL and lead role in one of the top ten half-hour comedies of all time as Leslie Knope in Parks & Recreation, she’s helped launch another of our all-time favorite half-hours in Broad City and just this week hosted the Golden Globes again with longtime pal Tina Fey; frankly, we’d follow her to the ends of her influence–including dug-up episodes of the 1998 sketch show Upright Citizens Brigade or her little brother’s oddball Scandinavian series Welcome to Sweden. Today, she puts her spin on high school dramas with a sweet revenge movie that starts to stream today. It’s also a good TV day for those of you who were on Fyre Festival schadenfraude withdrawal as ABC’s themed doc-anthology The Con returns as well as a new episode of Roseanne Minus Roseanne. Oh, also, a new kid tearing up houses on Massachusetts blocks.

Moxie [Netflix]
Directed by Amy Poehler (who also acts as the mom of our protagonist), this movie takes the treacherous high school world of films like her pal’s Mean Girls but the object of comeuppance is not a burn book, but an empowering anonymous zine that rallies the young women (and men) of the school to demand better. It looks funny and heartwarming in addition to its strong message building.

The Conners [ABC, 8:30p]
Well it looks like someone has put up an appalling tombstone next to Rosanne’s and Jackie is on the case. And Mark is convinced he has COVID-19. The hits keep coming to the Conners. A family struggling to make on ways so many of us can relate to.


  • For the return of The Con, ABC’s anthology of great swindlers interviews Billy McFarland on his 10th day of nine-day-wonderhood. He’s behind bars, as was inevitable, and we’ll get to see if he has any remorse for his scams while looking back on the debacle that became a sensation a couple years ago when it was a source of competing streaming documentaries.
  • A slate of 1980s bombings in Utah’s mormon community (a.k.a. all of Utah) leads to the discovery of secrets that could crumble the foundations of the very religion. That’s the compelling centerpiece of Netflix’s latest docu-series Murder Among the Mormons.
  • We close out a relatively quiet night on a relatively quiet show–the debut of the latest HGTV home makeover show. As its title suggests, Farmhouse Fixer takes place in rural America–the Boston area to be specific, home of host Jonathan Knight. If the name sounds familiar–and you clicked on the link to the trailer–you might notice something strange about the YouTube account hosting said trailer. From 1988 into the mid-1990s, along with his brother Jordan, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, and Danny Wood, Jonathan Knight was a member of teen idols New Kids on the Block.

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