What To Watch: 03/02/2021

The busy time in the CW DCU as after the debut of the strong alien and reporter show, we have the return of the guy who runs really fast. Otherwise, it’s a soft Tuesday as we have new episodes of some decent sit-coms with appealing stars, another season debut of that kindly hospital drama, and a pair of promising newsmagazines.

The Flash [The CW, 8p]
These are dark days for our speedster hero. Barry is losing his speed and Iris is trapped in the Mirrorverse. But Nash Wells may have a plan. Well at least to save Barry’s speed. With Arrow gone, it’s up to The Flash and the gang to do a lot of heavy lifting on the CW DC shows. And it’s not slowing down even if Barry is.

Kenan [NBC, 8:30p]
Kenan Thompson’s first shot at a sit-com has started OK, if bogged down by a lot of necessary exposition. Chris Redd has been a standout. The premise of this third episode holds promise of a breakout as Kenan’s morning show host is exhausted by a fourth hour. Given how expertly SNL lampooned the fourth hour of Today with Hoda & Kathy Lee, this would seem like something this show could knock out of the park.


  • Idealistic Dr. Max continues to try to make the titular hospital in New Amsterdam (essentially NYC’s Bellevue Hospital) a welcoming place for patients to visit. However, we’re in the insult-to-injury stage as the third season starts on NBC with an East River plane crash exacerbating a medical institution already overwhelmed by COVID-19. Were the showrunners on medical dramas the sorts who would drown all their action figures in a disaster film flood? They sure seem to not like people living.
  • ABC’s -ishaverse is still in full swing as on black-ish, Dre tries to defend hip-hop to his youngest daughter and just winds up feeling more out-of-touch. Meanwhile, on mixed-ish, Alicia and Denise confront racial stereotyping at work.
  • Dad Rock has to deal with wrestler poaching at work while the future Dwayne Johnson watches along on NBC’s Young Rock.
  • ABC’s Soul of a Nation is an attempt at a newsmagazine about the Black experience in America to raise all boats in the diversity spectrum.
  • The OWN Spotlight: (In) Visible Portraits takes a deep dive into the intersectional history of racism and misogyny that Black women have had to overcome in this country.

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