What To Watch: 03/01/2021

It’s the most Notorious night of TV, perhaps ever, as we have bios for both The Notorious B.I.G. and The Notorious R.P.G. on the agenda. Meanwhile, an exciting new sci-fi show about federal agents examining a mysterious crash site.

Debris [NBC, 10p]
This new series is one of those network shows that bases itself on a mystery like Lost or Manifest. Mysterious wreckage begins falling on earth and each piece has the power to change the world. We follow the investigators as they try to unravel what it’s all about. I admit this is to intriguing to me not to watch.

Biggie: I Got a Story To Tell [Netflix]
Netflix is adding another music documentary to its roster, this time about the beloved, late rapper, Biggie (Christopher Wallace). I know, I know, we’ve seen so many renditions of his story already, what is going to make this one any different? Well, while most previous movies have focused mainly on his career and untimely death, this feature film will instead focus on his beginnings before he was famous. In doing that, hopefully serve more as a celebration of his life by those who were closest to him. Any extra morsel of time we get to spend learning about Biggie feels like time well spent.

Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words [Starz, 9p]
If she could only have held on a few more weeks. This Starz look at one of the greatest legal minds of the 20th Century–and the woman who for awhile felt like the only thing holding our political firmament together. Sadly, her legacy has been mocked by the hastily selected replacement who stands for the opposite of anything Ginsburg held dear, but at least now that the damage is done, we can celebrate the ultimate fighter’s remarkable life.


  • There was a brief moment after the Atari 2600 started to fade away in the mid-1980s that the video games phenomenon may just have been a passing fad. However, the makers of the ubiquitous controller above took the plumbers of Donkey Kong and ushered in the next wave of the home gaming obsession. Crackle salutes the Japanese company that changed everything with Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story.
  • Melanie tries to survive two weeks in the murderously cold terrain outside of the world-circling train on TNT’s Snowpiercer.
  • Over on one of our favorite CW DCU series, Jefferson is starting to get out of mourning and has some choice words for Tobias on the CW’s Black Lightning.
  • Nick Jonas returns after a season away to re-join Kelly, Blake, and John Legend as they judge vocalists in the usual blind auditions for the 20th battle of the future singing stars on NBC’s The Voice.
  • It’s an unusual pairing of programs as Discovery+ unleashes Prime Suspect: The Madeleine McCann Case, which is a true crime doc and sadly does not involve Helen Mirren in any way. Meanwhile, the streaming service can stay a good distance from our cats and dogs if they want to air something called Pop My Pet.
  • Food Network fanatics can get their cooking battle fix sated by their newest seasonal offering Easter Basket Challenge, hosted by the busy Sunny Anderson. They can also feast on new episodes of Big Time Bake featuring everyone’s favorite Cake Boss (Cake Boss!) Buddy Velastro.

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