What To Watch: 02/25/2021

Maybe the world is blind or just a little unkind (don’t know). Seems you can’t be sure of anything, anymore. One thing that’s for certain is everytime we turn around there’s another reboot. However, this reboot of the show about that quirky 8-year-old neglectarino with a memorable name has our editors excited. And it’s not a recasting; it’s Punky at 40+. Will it be any good? Guess we’ll just wait and see! Did you know the theme song was by the same guy who wrote and performed the Cheers theme. Gary Portnoy also wrote the theme for Mr. Belvedere, but Leon Redbone was the singer on that one. Well, that’s it for trivia time, now onto our PB-themed recommendations:

Punky Brewster [Peacock]
Following the steps of Saved By the Bell, Peacock is bringing back Punky Brewster, releasing all 10 episodes on the streaming platform. Soleil Moon Frye and Cherie Johnson return as Punky and Cherie; Punky is a single mother of three who meets a young girl in the foster system and presumably brings her into her home. Freddie Prinze Jr., somehow still getting roles, is Punky’s ex-husband.

Punky Brewster [Peacock]
Nostalgia has really saved me during this pandemic. From rewatching ’80s blockbuster movies to the modernization of them (hat tip Cobra Kai). I’m hoping the winning streak can continue with this reboot of Punky Brewster. Soleil Moon Frye returns in her starring role as spunky, free spirited Punky who is figuring out her identity on the heels of her divorce from husband Travis (aka 90s bae, Freddie Prinze Jr.) She decides to do what any newly single, mom of three would–adopt another kid! I’m sure this will translate to lots of heart-warming, quirky moments perfect for distracting me from the news.

Punky Brewster [Peacock]
Ever wanted to know what happened with Punky Brewster grew up? Did you have a newly divorced mom of three (two adopted) who talks to a picture of her deceased father on your bingo card? If you did then this new sitcom reboot is right up your alley. Lots of heart and it’s hard to dislike Soleil Moon Frye. And her new foster kid Izzy is irresistible too.


  • If HBO Max’s new animated show, Close Enough, is giving you serious Regular Show vibes, it’s probably because both shows are created by J.C. Quintel. Don’t let the fact that this animated show was actually supposed to debut in 2017 fool you as it just got caught up in the shuffle during a label buyout. The reviews of this program about a 30-something couple with kids who are still trying to figure out how to adult are solid, and some excellent comic actors including James Adomian, Kimiko Glenn, and Jason Mantzoukas lend their voices.
  • There’s a lot of new programming, but it kind of falls off a cliff significance-wise after those two shows. Geez & Ann, a new Indonesian movie on Netflix, has a similar plot and vibe to the underrated 2009 Vanessa Hudgins movie Bandslam. The titular characters are a pair of young lovers who meet cute at a rock show (where Geez might be playing). However, fate has other plans so that a movie can happen.
  • As hilariously parodied on SNL, the MTV spin-off(?) Floribama Shore features eight people who may or may not GTL as they stop being nice and start being real.
  • USA has a new reality show about the unconventional Walters family led by Nicole. It’s called She’s The Boss, a title that is really going to throw Abed Nadir for a loop, but what did he expect from a Greendale Community College class?
  • The new-ish All Blk network, a name from the past pops up as one of the original sexy neo-soul crooners gets a showcase with A Closer Look with Eric Benet. They also debut the misfit friends sitcom Millennials tonight.
  • Speaking of new entities building a roster, Discovery’s streaming platform, Discovery+ continues to consolidate its universe online and since there’s nothing from the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), it’s as good a place as any to end our little round-up. Debuting tonight on the service is Luda Can’t Cook where ’00s rap superstar/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges asks what’s your fantasy meal and apparently completes it poorly, Fear Thy Neighbor weaves its latest tale about what happens when neighbors who are just… the worst move in and hastily hanging a handwritten sign that reads “Two Bad Neighbors” doesn’t do the trick. Finally, the bio-doc Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story chronicles the eclectic life of Miller, a skiing moviemaker who died last year at the age of 93.

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