What To Watch: 02/22/2021

With all apologies to Prince and The Bangles, it’s the least manic of recent Mondays, at least new TV content-wise. However there is a new HBO prestige thriller that’s based on a Swedish novel, so if you like that sort of thing (and many of us do), that’s not nothing. We’ve also got heroes of the super and baking variety and we acknowledge Bob, Abishola and the heart that lies between them for the first time ever.

Beartown [HBO, 9p]
Based on the best-selling Swedish novel by Fredrik Backman (the irrepressible Man Called Ove and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry), this thriller follows the fallout when a teenage hockey player assaults a classmate at a party. Based solely on Wikipedia (I don’t keep up with book banning in North Carolina as much as I’d like to), the plot follows what you’d expect (based on true events and Netflix documentaries from the 2010s), and does not appear to contain any bears.

Spring Baking Championship [Food, 9p]
For no good reason, I’m more about the UK baking shows–maybe it’s the gentle nature of the competitors. However, cooking battles can be addictive and this is one.

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
Grace is still in a coma. On the other hand Lynn has a breakthrough. So all in all it looks like the latest episode will be a mixed bag. Gotta hand it to the Pierce family. Lots of trials and tribulations but the persist.


  • You know it’s a slow night for new things when we’re pulling out Bob Hearts Abishola pics in our also-ran section. We don’t know much about the workings of this show save for near a million meh ads where it’s hard to tell if it’s good or bad for enlightened human progress. On one hand, it’s from Chuck Lorre; on the other hand, the awesome British comic Gina Yashere is involved.
  • If you want to watch that show what with the train that travels around the world as class warfare prevails within’, Snowpiercer keeps on snowpiercing on TNT. It’s got Jennifer Connolly AND Daveed Diggs. We’re not sure why we’re not watching it, so you really should. Do it for the family! Do it for us!
  • The All Black Network is what it sounds like it, and the amazingly named Social Society is its The View-style talk show and it debuts tonight.

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