What To Watch: 02/20/2021

We’re back to a quiet, but not silent, Saturday, as the best new content comes from the usual suspect (SNL), two documentaries, and a promising Taiwanese movie on Netflix.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
I’m tuning in for the international baes… from across the pond we have Bridgerton Duke Rege-Jean Page hosting, joined by musical guest Bad Bunny making his debut performance.

The Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother’s Hunt For Justice [Lifetime, 8p]
Tonight’s “ripped from the headlines” was inspired by the (still) unsolved LISK killings, which were discovered in late 2010. Kim Delaney plays Mari Gilbert, the mother of Shannan Gilbert, who disappeared during a frantic escape near the area in May of that year. Mari Gilbert was a vocal advocate for the victims and their families, who remain in pursuit of justice. (I recommend Liz Garbus’s Lost Girls, which stars Amy Ryan as Mari.)

Attack of the Murder Hornets [Discovery+]
Remember that weekend murder hornets were a punchline and then the latest super-horrific thing happened to push them out of the news cycle. Ah, 2020. Relive those carefree days with this Discovery documentary.


  • Four former classmates entering into their forties look back at their brushes with success in the Netflix import from Taiwan, Classmates Minus. It’s director Huang Hsin-yao also stars as the schlubbiest, ne’er-do-well-iest and his second movie looks moodily quirky and entertaining.
  • If you didn’t have HBO in 2010 and haven’t in the decade since, you can watch one of its prestige historical mini-series, The Pacific for free on the History Channel. They are seven episodes in, but we’re sure they have them online so you can catch up.
  • Over on Hallmark, handsome culinary twins played by Jeremy Jordan–the Supergirl one, not the NKOTB one (it’s confusing, they both sing and act)–make a bet during a cooking competition which leads to them switching places and all kinds of shenanigans–many of the ones in the trailer should make the pair’s partners (one of each gender) feel some level of violated. It’s Mix Up in the Mediterranean! Wacky!

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