What To Watch: 02/18/2021

There’s a few intriguing new titles–mostly ones that will make ya think, led by an NBC true crime docu-series, a promising LGBTQ+ mini-series with Neil Patrick Harris and Stephen Fry, and a pair of Nat Geo documentaries, one about a great moment of activism, the other for another great step for robots (and the humans who created them).

The Widower [NBC, 10p]
True crime dramas can be enormously addictive and this profile of John Randolph and the suspicious death of his sixth wife (and fourth to die of strange causes) should be no exception. It’s from the folks at Dateline and will be told over the next three nights.

Clarice [CBS, 10p]
Clarice Starling continues her career in the FBI after the events of Silence of the Lambs. Even though this a big network show, it does have enough DNA from True Detective and the original novel to be compelling. Will it be as good as Hannibal? Time will tell.

grown-ish [Freeform, 8p]
Zoey returns home for a long weekend! (But her friends are too busy.)


  • Russell T. Davies’ (Queer As Folk) latest follows a group of 1980s Londoners who are looking back upon their lives as AIDS ravages their community, with possibly a sense of shame, wondering if they are the ones to blame in It’s a Sin. That’s not precisely the story, but the Pet Shop Boys song both in the title and trailer kind of carried us away.
  • Nat Geo celebrates 1963’s great protest–one which helped force major civil rights legisltation both of the next two years–with a documentary seen through the eyes of the movement’s leaders, The March on Washington: Keepers of the Dream.
  • The Craig Robinson hosted show that celebrates African American innovators holds a concert tonight on Hulu featuring Lil Yachty and 24kGoldn. It’s the logically titled Your Attention Please: The Concert.
  • Nat geo hits history that’s being made today as it celebrates the latest robot exploring the 4th planet of our solar system, a mission that reached Mars today, with Built For Mars: The Perseverence Rover.
  • The social media circuit gets its own Jigsaw as a sinister figure who loves games messes with an Instagram influencer in the Shudder thriller Shook. It features a murdered puppy in the trailer, so it’s off our list.
  • The second, and ultimately final, season of football (soccer football) drama Playing For Keeps hits Sundance Now today and their third season was nixed unceremoniously so if you watch prepare to hit an unfulfilled cliffhanger. And we have done our job for the day. Thanks for reading and happy viewing!

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