What To Watch: 02/13/2021

A week after the busiest Saturday of television we’ve ever seen here, and a day after a WtW that featured 16 new programs, you might expect a busy day. You’d be wrong. However, there is a new SNL and it’s got a promising first-time host in the vein of Kerry Washington and Christoph Waltz–that is, an actor without extensive comic experience, which, as with those two hosts, often wind up being the most interesting of episodes.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
It’s really the obvious choice tonight, but I can probably speak for most of the team that we are there for the hosting debut Watchmen star, Academy Award winner for acting, and likely nominee in 2021 for directing. Regina King has proven herself capable of about anything, so why wouldn’t she do a great job live from New York on Saturday night.


  • But not too much more, really. Fast Foodies, which started on TruTV, gets its TBS debut as our favorite Soup disher and Community college attendee (and Tiger King fan/mocker), Joel McHale, gets to influence chefs Kristen Kish, Jeremy Ford and Justin Sutherland to recreate his favorite fast food meal.
  • And after that, it’s Lifetime and Hallmark all the way down. Lifetime is death-obsessed as its two new programs for the night are a movie called Death Saved My Life which is admittedly a cool title. While it follows a familiar Lifetime playbook, in fairness, it is from-the-headlines-rip’t. Meaghan Good’s Jade’s life looks great from the outside as she celebrates her 10th Anniversary with her husband, but her husband (Chike Okonkwo) is a violent abuser whose connections make him untouchable, so Jade must fake her own demise to stay alive. It’s paired with an hourlong documentary, Beyond the Headlines: Faking Death about the true story that gave this flick its inspiration.
  • Playing Cupid could cover just about any Hallmark Movie. In this case, teenage Clara’s teacher announces a six-week project where each student is to start his or her own business. Clara’s is a matchmaking company so when her, of course, ruggedly handsome dad becomes embedded in her classroom on some pretense (so the movie could happen?)… well, you can take it from here. You don’t even have to show your work.

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