What To Watch: 02/11/2021

A classic horror stand comes to its end (with its most famous of author’s penning a new ending), while the lambs are screaming once again in a show from one of the most unlikely of franchises, this one named after the FBI agent pursuing the serial killers. And to take the tension off, we recommend a documentary sex farce with an unreliable narrator.

Clarice [CBS, 10p]
This “anticipated” drama is “a deep dive into the untold personal story” of Clarice Starling, and set one year after the conclusion of Silence of the Lambs, which hasn’t aged well since its box office debut.

The Stand [CBS All-Access]
Some fans never liked how Stephen King ended The Stand. Well, good news guys. The master storyteller himself has written an expanded ending for the second miniseries take on his classic novel. There’s been good and bad in this new version, but let’s see how it ends up.

There’s No “I” In Threesome [HBO Max]
In the spirit of Sherman’s Army and Catfish, a neurotic documentary director becomes the center of the story as newly engaged Ollie (Jan Oliver Lucks) discovers an open relationship is much trickier (and although the trailer only hints at it) messier than it first seemed. It’s a bit of a silly premise, but the documentary itself looks like it could be wretchedly fun.


  • Terror come from every angle for seemingly perfect couple David and Nadja as they camp in icy tundra for some reason. As they are reflecting on their perfect life, a Red Dot comes through their tent (giving the movie a title) setting off a chase, but they’re baffled as to just who might be chasing them. The French import is on Netflix.
  • From the womanizing-heel-falls-in-love files, Squared Love hails from Poland and its heel is a celebrity journalist so we guess we’re rooting for chlymidia here. It’s also on Netflix.
  • It’s a big day for foreign imports on Netflix as Indonesian flick Layla Majnun (set in Azerbaijan) takes its name from a 7th Century poem and tells the tale of star-crossed lovers Samir and Layla.
  • The nation of Luxembourg is usually cited for its tiny size or as an answer to a trivia question, but look at them now, producing a critically lauded crime drama picked up by Netflix. Capitani takes place in the grand duchy sandwiched between France and Germany and tells the tale of our gruff detective Luc Capitani as he investigates the possible murder of a 15-year-old girl.
  • For those of you who were wondering what’s taking so long to create a reality competition show based on the premise of Bridge on the River Kwai, well, wait no more as HBO Max’s The Bridge brings together twelve British strangers who have to build a literal bridge (and presumably some figurative ones) as they attempt to get to the other side of a river and a 100k treasure that awaits.
  • Lovers lanes and murders have seemingly forever gone hand-in-hand, and so it was in Richmond, Virginia, in the 1980s when four couples were murdered in four consecutive years. On Oxygen’s Lovers’ Lane Murders, Lori Coombs investigate the cold cases that seem too similar to be coincidental, yet where evidence points to possibly four different killers.

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