What To Watch: 02/08/2021

Five best lightnings: Black, in a bottle, White, round, and rod. The CW superhero returns for a fourth season, leading a Monday that is relatively quiet for new things but does have some nice odds and ends.

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
Detective Henderson has died and Jefferson Pierce is still dealing with the fallout from his fight with Gravedigger. The character Black Lightning could be in a better place at the start of The CW’s excellent superheo show’s 4th and final season, but we as fans are in for some major struggles and (hopefully) triumphs for the last go around. The season kicks off tonight so be prepared!

Balthazar [Acorn]
As fictional obnoxious genius crime solvers go, you could do worse than this French forensic scientist. The third series of the French thriller series starts today on Acorn. 

The Neighborhood [CBS, 8p]
Now that I’ve binge-watched New Girl for the third time during the pandemic I need to get my Max Greenfield fix elsewhere–enter this week’s episode of his new-ish show with Cedric the Entertainer. When Gemma’s phone gets stolen it presents the perfect opportunity for Calvin and Dave to join forces to find the culprit–or as Winston might fondly call it: A Calvin and Dave “mess around.” I’m intrigued.


  • The latest installment in the myth-seeking Animal Planet show arrives on Discovery+ with the special Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues. Given what would happen to their hit show, you have to wonder how strong the incentive is for our lead hunters to find the woolen beast.
  • It’s either the worst crossover ever or a very ambitious attempt at bail bondsmanship as Battlebots: Bounty Hunters also makes its debut on Discovery+.
  • Trick Daddy, the man who brought together Lil Jon and Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train” together for a top ten hit, gathers the various Love & Hip-Hop‘s (NYC, ATL, LA, and Miami) together for a BBQ on a very special VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip-Hop. We’re a little concerned how few masks we’re seeing in the trailer; C’mon, Mr. Daddy.
  • Speaking of hit singles, two shows’ episode titles reference the biggest hits by important musical artist. Legal drama All Rise on CBS takes its title from a song that was not only Kim Carnes’ biggest hit, but the top song of 1981, while The CW’s All American pays tribute to Houston’s Geto Boys and their unlikely top 30 hit from 1992 about paranoid hallucinations. This year Halloween fell on a weekend…

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