What To Watch: 02/07/2021

Well, the big day is here. We’ve all been waiting for it for months. With the pandemic, we never knew if it would come to fruition, but while there were a few setbacks, we made it through the season. Of course, we’re talking about the 17th Annual Puppy Bowl where Team Fluff faces off against Team Ruff and the winner of something or other is decided. It’s all so cute that we’ve decided to defer staff picks and just run through today’s other big events.

  • Tonight CBS answers the age old question as to whether MC-turned-actress Queen Latifah can fill the shoes of late British actor Edward Woodward as the network reboots (or re-imagines) the 1985 drama about guns and vengeance, The Equalizer. Chris Noth, Lorraine Toussaint, and Adam Golberg (the actor one), also star.
  • The children of the late, great animal lover Steve Irwin continue to fearlessly forage through the world for the most appealingly exotic animals to share with us. The third season of Crikey! It’s the Irwins debuts today.
  • It’s not just cute puppy dogs on display, but kitty cats also get their chance to look adorable while ostensibly scoring points in some sort of game on a plastic green gridiron as Hallmark brings us Kitten Bowl VIII
  • A handsome man and a pretty woman learn to stand back to back with happy smirks on their face until they fall in love in the UP romance about wedding dresses, Made For You, With Love
  • We think that’s about it. Oh, yes, the Kansas City Chiefs go to Tampa Bay to face the home town Bucs in Something-or-other Bowl [Insert Number Here}. We suspect that Jason (who may or may not be writing this) might be making sure this is getting a bit more play here had a certain AFC Championship Game gone in the other direction. But he’s a very bitter and petty man. It precedes The Equalizer on CBS.

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