What To Watch: 02/03/2021

Tonight features as many Sarah Chalke-related programs as there were Becky Conners, the role she was originally known for but doesn’t play in her recurring role on the Roseanne spinoff. Chalke joins Katherine Heigl in a new Netflix series and likely doesn’t appear on tonights episode of the ABC show at which we just hinted. But now, Screen Scholars throws ourselves at the mercy of the grammar Geneva Convention and will move on to our recommendations as if this intro didn’t happen.

Firefly Lane [Netflix]
It’s not usually my cup of coffee, but Kristin Hanna’s time swallowing novel of the same name could be an entralling watch, especially given the two compelling leads of Chalke & Heigl. The two play the main version lifelong friends as we follow them from decade to decade.

Reset [Vice, 10p]
Vice examines the history and future of the video game industry in this new docu-series. Vice may take a hipster spin on it, but it’s an interesting story none the less. Video games make more money annually than film, music, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL industries combined.

The Conners [ABC, 9p]
Darlene hires an assistant. It does not work out.


  • “I only watch it for the commercials” is a common refrain for Sunday’s major event that we are probably small enough to mention by its true name, but we’ll still call it the Gigantic Tureen, because it’s still fun to do that tiptoed dance around it. If you want to even avoid watching a minute of Brady, Mahomes, et al, you can catch the best ads tonight on CBS with Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2021.
  • PBS’ newest nature program focuses on the people trying to repopulate the flora and fauna of a continent. Europe’s New Wild debuts tonight.
  • If you want to feel bad about your own digs, watch Taylor Spellman as in the trailer for the new Discovery+ show, One Week To Sell, she insults as absolute dumps places that will look downright luxurious to most of us.
  • The first episode of Syfy’s Resident Alien got off to a promising start with a quirky premise and a compellingly weird alien-in-human skin who somehow remained likable after tossing an innocent man to his death in a frozen lake, attempting to kill a 6-year-old kid, and planning to… well, we don’t want to give away too much. It’s a testament to the boundless charm of Alan Tudyk.
  • In Netflix’s newest Polish import, All My Friends Are Dead, a New Year’s Eve party gets progressively (and often comically) more messy and raucous until the partygoers find themselves violently attacking one another. From the trailer, the tone is somewhere around 1999’s Go which also centers around a wild party.
  • Childhood friends find themselves on opposite sides of a kidnapping as one has to hunt the other down in the Spanish film Black Beach, also debuting on Netflix tonight.
  • Whether the intended implication of the play on phrase for TLC’s My Feer Are Killing Me (that its subjects are in genuine danger without podiatric treatment) is up for debate; however, if watching foot rehab is your jam, tune in to watch Drs. Brad Schaeffer and Ebonie Vincent practice their craft.

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